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Thursday, June 24, 2010

TV Meme Days 20-23

Alright, so I missed several days. I sincerely apologize! This 30 day meme thing is fun, but it ain't easy. :P

Day 20: Favorite Kiss

It's weird that I'm choosing this as my favorite kiss, because I absolutely hate their relationship and do NOT want them to get together. But for some reason the kiss at the end of the first half of the first season of Glee between Will and Emma was It's the first that came to my mind, anyway, and it was successful in making me want to keep watching the show to find out what the HECK would happen. Anyway, I hate their "ship" but this kiss was the one good thing about it. Haha.

Day 21: Favorite 'Ship
I didn't even know what on earth a ship was, until Andrew did his post about it. And now it makes sense, it's short for "relationship". Duh! Haha! Anyhoo, I know of one particular couple I just can't get enough of - which would be Henry and Casey on "Party Down". They're perfect for each other, yet completely imperfect at the same time - and they make one of the best comedy-couple-duos on TV (besides maybe Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family).

Day 22: Favorite Series Finale

Hm. I haven't seen enough series from beginning to end to have a real favorite series finale. I have several favorite season finales, but none that ended their series. And though I could mention the finale of "Party Down" this season due to the fact that it's not quite guaranteed to come back, I don't want to jinx anything. ;)

Day 23: Most Annoying Character


  1. Well the guy from Party Down, who's name eludes is moving to Parks & Rec. He was in the last few episodes and is HILARIOUS!

  2. Well, definitely in your camp on the "annoying character" bit. And how sucky is it that Adam Scott may be leaving poor Lizzy Caplan for good on Party Down? Have you seen the finale? Is this their way of removing Henry from the storyline?


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