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Friday, June 25, 2010

"I Promise I'll Be Back."

Hello dear readers! Tomorrow I leave for two separate music festivals for three weeks each, which is six weeks in total, which means six weeks of intense music training and occasional partying. This does mean that my post output will most likely diminish noticeably for the next month and a half - but do not fear! I'll still have internet access at both festivals, and my movie watching will not go down (in fact, it has the potential to increase. You'd be amazed the amount of movies I watch at music camp...I;ve seen such great films as "Borat" and "There Will Be Blood" for the first time there).

Anyway, I just don't want ya'll to worry 'bout me, or worry that I'll stop commenting on your blogs. Tis not the case at all. I have some automated posts scheduled, but I'm still going to be around. you were, all!

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