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Thursday, June 10, 2010

TV Meme Days 8 and 9

I'm a little behind as you can apologies! :)

Day 8: A Show Everyone Should Watch

I have to give this honor to the always wonderful "Modern Family". One of my favorite new shows this season, Luke has already written a lovely piece on it that reflects my own feelings perfectly. I'll add though, it's perfect for everyone. No matter what your own family is like, or who you are, you will certainly find a character to relate to in this surprisingly sincere hodgepodge of hilarity. The show is always a joy each week, and I surely hope to see some Emmy love for at LEAST Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet.

Day 9: Best Scene Ever

Flight of the Conchords! Such an amazing show.

This is really just too hard you guys. But the above scene basically made me die of laughter. Perhaps not the BEST scene EVER (that honor probably goes to an aforementioned moment in an aforementioned cartoon) but it's still pretty much amazing. See also, anything with Sofia Vergara in "Modern Family".


  1. I appreciate the FOTC scene a lot more since I saw the trilogy. Before, I thought it was one of the weaker songs.

  2. Fantastic choice for the "show everyone should be watching." Mostly because it really does have something for everyone, plus a whole ton of universal comedy. ABC's crafted a really great every-person show here.


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