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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TV Meme Day 1: A Show That Never Should Have Been Canceled

First day of the TV meme!

There is one cancellation in recent memory that really, really saddened me. That was the cancellation of the "Target Women" segment on Infomania, hosted by Sarah Haskins.
I'm sort of cheating, since it was a segment on a TV show, but...IT STILL NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED!

Infomania is a weekly news/spoof show on Al Gore's Current TV (also available as a Podcast and on Youtube and Hulu, in case any of you want to watch, which you all should), that has several different hilarious segment lampooning the week in media. It's an ever hysterical show that always has me laughing and noticing the ridiculous trends in the media.

Perhaps my favorite segment on the show was entitled Target Women. In this segment, its host Sarah Haskins would take trends in female-focused advertising and point out its stupidities and redundancies. It was easily the best part of the show every time it was on - Haskins's deadpan humor and irresistible personality make it great every time. Case in point:

I was recently, naively awaiting the next Infomania episode with a Sarah Haskins contribution each week, thinking that she was on a hiatus. I later found out, much to my sadness, that Ms. Haskins would be moving on to bigger, better things and that the Target Women segment on Infomania was no longer going to exist. It was a bad day for me.

Sarah Haskins didn't just leave Infomania for no good reason though - she and another comic writer are going on to write two screenplays together, one which has been found by Amy Poehler, the other which intrigued Natalie Portman. I'm not sure what's going to happen with these two upcoming projects, but if they're anything like the Target Women segments from Infomania or this amazing short film, then I feel really good about the possibilities, even if it keeps my beloved Sarah from me. ;)

Day 1 complete! Have any of you seen Infomania? You should if you haven't, just sayin'. Anyway, comment below on any thoughts you have!


  1. Wow, I love that you picked a totally unique choice for this one. No one's going to have the same entry as you for this category! Also, shame on you for turning us on to something funny and amusing knowing full well it's now long gone! :)

  2. Thanks Luke! Haha, sorry I told you about it when it's too late...though you can now go on Youtube and look at all the many brilliant Target Women segments without having to wait. And, I highly recommend Infomania, the show that it was featured on!


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