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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vegetarian/Vegan Movie Characters

It's oddly rare to find vegetarian movie characters onscreen, and as a vegetarian myself whenever one shows up it's an OMG moment. There are plenty of vegetarian/vegan actors and actresses, but their roles are less so! So, I'm dedicating this post to all the vegetarian movie characters out there. To be updated as I think of more or you guys help me with some suggestions. :P

Ricky Fitts in American Beauty

April Burns in Pieces of April

Ian Miller in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Bella Swan in Twilight

Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons Movie

Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park

Little Foot in The Land Before Time (and all of its innumerable sequels)

Cassie Munro in RV

Evil Ex-Boyfriend Todd in Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

Shania Twain in I Heart Huckabees

Peggy in Year of the Dog

There you have it. Help me out, have I missed anyone? Haha!


  1. Got one! Lex in Jurassic Park! :)

  2. Little Foot from Land Before Time. :)
    "Tree Star!"

  3. Oh true! hahah I'll add him!

  4. Great list - thanks!

    The Bella Swan character is interesting because she was not vegetarian in the book, but is in the movie.

  5. Evil Ex Boyfriend wasn't a vegan! He had that latte or whatever.

  6. Ahhhh yeah you're right! Hahaha. I sort of had to include him though because of how his veganness was a plot point. :P

  7. wow, us vegetarians are really under used in films. i hadn't even considered this before now. the list is an example of how we are marginalised by mainstream media cultures.

  8. Phoebe Buffay in Friends, is no bad there, she is one of the 6 main characters there :) so 17% !

  9. Phil in 'Green Card' this one which doesnt win the girl :(

  10. 'About the boy' - boys Mum, Toni Collette as
    Fiona Brewer


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