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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Contest-Game Thingy

Guess what's time for HEWWM's first CONTEST!!!
Well, it's sort of a contest. I'm not really sure what the prize is going to be at this point...perhaps a custom-made victory banner? Or the opportunity to guest post? Suggestions are welcome!

Anyway here's what you have to do:

1) Look at the banner at the top of my blog, the one with all the eyes on it.

2) Try to identify as many of the actors as you can, and, if you can, what movie they're being pictured from. (For animated films, simply the movie name will suffice.)

3) Submit your answers by emailing them to me at, and then comment on here telling me you emailed just so I make sure that I got everyone's submissions. Submit by no later than next Wednesday, April 13.

Then we find out who wins what! I'm scoring it by...points. Each square on the banner (besides the animated ones) are worth 2 points, one for the actor and one for the movie.

I'm thinking about doing this monthly or bi monthly or tri monthly or something, any time I change the banner, so I want lots of submissions.


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