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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Math of 1001 Movies!

So, for those of you who are part of the 1001 Movies You Must See Club, or for anyone else who likes math equations, I figured out that...

If you watch 4 movies from the list a month, and there are 12 months in a year...

you would be watching 48 movies from the list each year.

At that rate, you should be able to finish the entire list in only 21 years!!! (1001/48 = 20.8333)

For some reason this is extremely uplifting to me, because 1001 is a big number, and it's good to know that if you're consistent you could actually get through them all before you die. Though...21 years is kind of ridiculous.

And sorry for restating the obvious...I'm sure many of you have already gone through this calculation yourself! Haha


  1. What if you've seen half of them before they were a list?

  2. Well...then you've already gotten 10 years taken care of! Hahaha

  3. If you look at my list, I have a countdown until I finish the list. I am currently watching more than 4 movies a month, so it's a little shorter for me. Our list is also more than 1001... It's more like 1051...


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