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Friday, April 9, 2010


Well, happy birthday to Kristen Stewart! Apparently she turns 20 today. So good for her.

And she has a pretty smile, eh?

Okay so I know that everyone hates Kristen Stewart. Or, at the very least, admits that she sucks in "Twilight" (get it? Vampires? Suck? HAHAHA). Which is true. She adds nada to that movie. And yet...I oddly find myself defending her career, and I'm not really sure why. My favorite performance of hers, in "Adventureland", was no piece of brilliance. It did, if nothing else, prove that Stewart has some kind of potential.

But...she's done nothing to merit my appreciation, or admiration. I often laugh at her antics, and her offscreen persona, but still I root for her! I'm just holding out for her to make that movie where she really blows people away. Apparently she was pretty good in "The Runaways", which I really want to see, and I'm hearing good things about "Welcome to the Rileys", where she plays a prostitute.

Maybe what she needs is a role where she plays someone who's not sulking and or depressed all the time. Perhaps a role like Anna Kendrick in "Up in the Air"? That would be a nice departure role for,

But anyway, I'm holding out for you Kristen, so you better deliver soon!!!

I want to hear your thoughts on Kristen Stewart, because she's quite a controversial topic. Haha. Comment below!!!


  1. I've at least been aware of her since Catch That Kid, and before Twilight, I actually liked her, in all her one-note glory.

  2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with some kind of hope for Kristen! Her pre-Twilight filmography was quite impressive after all. Into the Wild? The Panic Room? Not bad...(though I've seen neither performance yet.)

  3. I want to see Kristen Stewart get out of her comfort zone, the brooding, sullen character she has been playing in every single movie. I want to see her do a comedy, or anything that shows she has some type of range.

  4. I totally, totally agree Castor! I think that would be the perfect sort of departure role for her, a comedy or something. Though she seems to be really pigeonholed now so it may never happen.

  5. She's very good! Check her out in IN THE LAND OF THE WOMEN or even her tiny role in INTO THE WILD. She's definitely got the talent.

  6. I, too, find myself rooting for her, oddly enough.

  7. you know robert i think that she has potenial but she just needs to be herself and not act like everybody wants her to act and did you see her new hair cut i think that if that's what she wants then that is what she can get to make herself happy and know one else

  8. I agree Anonymous, she should do what she wants. I'm totally a proponent of the "be yourself and everything will be okay!" philosophy!

  9. i have just posted a comment and i can't see it in here- why's that?

  10. here it is for a second time:
    love the way she acts.
    love her behavior offscreen.
    love her intellectual.
    love her style - simple, humble.
    great personality


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