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Monday, May 31, 2010

Alive and Kicking!

Sorry for the slow in posts everyone! I've been a bit slow on the movie-watching. Even though finals and juries are over, I still seem to have a neverending load of things to attend to. I've been watching a lot of TV though, and I started watching True Blood from the beginning. Do any of ya'll watch that?

I think it's an interesting show. I haven't gotten very far into the first season yet, but it's pretty addicting. I've come to the conclusion that anything involving vampires is basically trash (with SOME exceptions), it just depends on whether or not it's redeeming trash or just plain trash.

Like, True Blood, it's got a lot of good things about it from what I can tell. Anna Paquin is really great in it, and the supporting cast is also good. The plot is sure similar to Twilight but it's so much more risky and developed, and thus more enjoyable. Also, that opening credits sequence is the shiz.

I've got no solid opinion on the show yet, I'm liking it though so far, and I have to get through the two seasons before the new one starts. Haha!

Anyway, I promise to be bloggin' bout some movies soon, be patient all! Please comment below on your thoughts on True Blood or anything else that pops into your mind. Finally, don't forget to vote for your favorite Logline Challenge Pitch in the sidebar!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why I Love Hairspray (The Musical Blog-a-Thon)

I simply adore musicals. There's something just so surreal about expressing emotion in song, and the feeling that you get after you watch a great musical is just indescribable! There are several movie-musicals that I simply love, like The Sound of Music and West Side Story, but when trying to think of which was my "favorite", there was one movical that just kept popping into my mind, and that awesome film is Hairspray, the remake of the Broadway musical based on the John Waters film of the same name.

Hairspray tells the story of Tracy Turnblad, played by Nikki Blonsky, an overweight Baltimore teen living in the 60's who dreams of being a dancer on her favorite television show, The Corny Collins show. Tracy is a fun-loving and ever optimistic teen who rejects the conventions of her time period, believes in the best in people, and also wants to fight for integration.

With the help of her friends Penny and Seaweed (Amanda Bynes and Elijah Kelly), Tracy is able to get on the show, which impresses Corny Collins (James Marsden) himself. Tracy also begins a romance with Link Larkin (Zac Efron). Her uncharacteristic success angers the former-beauty-queen Velma Von Tussle (a lovely Michelle Pfeiffer). Tracy's parents, played by John Travolta and Christopher Walken, also get involved in her crusade for equal rights.

Hairspray really is the perfect musical. Every song is great, adds to the movie, and is catchy and wonderful. While watching the movie, you'll want to start dancing during and Welcome to the 60's and Without Love, and you'll definitely have You Can't Stop the Beat stuck in your head once it's all over. Every cast member can sing wonderfully (for the most part) and the in-film dancing is just fantastic.

Of course, it goes without saying that much of why this movie succeeds is its cast. Nikki Blonsky is just radiant as Tracy, and she carries the film away in her debut. Amanda Bynes and Zac Efron are both also wonderful, in probably their best film roles yet, and of course the veterans like John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christopher Walken turn in fantastic and fun performances. Even the smaller roles played by Queen Latifah, Brittany Snow, and James Marsden are memorable and notable. Oh, and perhaps the best acting in the entire movie comes from Allison Janney, whose two short scenes are some of the funniest in the film.


The great music, dancing, and acting aside (and I didn't even mention the fabulous costumes and art direction!), Hairspray is the "perfect musical" because of the feeling that you get during and after you watch it. I saw the film three times in the theater (the most I've ever gone to one movie in the theater, by the way), and at least 3 times on DVD, and every time I just feel so happy and uplifted.

Though sad musicals can be wonderful (West Side Story, Dancer in the Dark, Sweeney Todd, do I need to continue?), there is nothing better than a loud, fast moving, fun and uplifting film like Hairspray that just makes you feel so, so good inside after you watch it. You just want to start dancing and singing along with the cast.

Though Hairspray didn't get a single Oscar nomination, and sure isn't as substantial as The Sound of Music, it's still absolutely wonderful. Like I've said, it's got everything it needs to be the perfect comedic musical - a great story, wonderful music, perfect performances, and a greater meaning. It celebrates individuality and is one of, if not my very favorite, musical of all time.

And now a sampling of my favorite songs... :)

This post is for the Musical Blogathon that Andrew is hosting at Encore Entertainment. All the entries will be posted tomorrow by 5, so please check them out! And comment below on your favorite musical or your own thoughts on Hairspray. :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fantasy Logline Challenge No. 1: The Pitches

About a week ago, I gave you all a mission. It was to take this wonderful cast...

...and to create your own plot summary utilizing them. I got only TWO entries!!! You lazy people! JK. But, these two entries were both quite brilliant. Since there was such a low number, I decided to throw in my own idea as well.

So, now, I present you with the three loglines that will be competing for your vote at the bottom of this post. They're a bit lengthy, but I assure you, they're definitely worth the read. So here you go!


Pitch 1: Pint of Bitters

Michael Caine and Maggie Smith are a long-married couple with a rocky history involving career sacrifice, fights, loss of their only child, and, as the story opens, Caine's debilitating illness that requires Smith's constant attention, along with that of a chipper visiting nurse (Kim).

During a rare moment when Smith is out of the house, Caine comes upon some mementos of her youth and shares the stories entailed with their nurse, becoming guilt-ridden for what he now sees as his cavalier treatment of her. A few nights later, during his birthday party, after blowing out his candles, he confides in her that he wished she could be a bird again, and lapses into a coma.

After getting him to hospital, Smith goes home to sleep...and wakes up a young woman (Mulligan). When the nurse comes over, Mulligan only convinces her she is the wife by showing a scar on her body left behind by one of the arguments she had with Caine in their youth. After some time mulling about the circumstance, and no change in Caine's inert status, Kim takes her now-young boss on youthful exploits, so that indeed she can indulge in the fun she had given up to be a wife and homemaker.

It would appear her youth is tied to his coma - when he shows signs of activity, Mulligan shows signs of aging - and on one day when he is alert and speaking, she is thrust into her old self as Smith. Thus she must decide whether to let him be fully awake and be old again, or let him "sleep" so she can have her second chance at youth.

Written and Directed by Audrey Wells. Music by Pete Townsend.

Pitch 2: You Can't Love Her

Nigel (Michael Caine), an old man on the verge of dementia, begins to hallucinate of his dead wife Emma (Maggie Smith), meanwhile entering into an illicit affair with a young nurse sent to care for him (Kim Ok-Bin). Mi-do, the nurse, is applying for British citizenship and initially hopes the community service will put her in favor of the immigration offices, but finds herself falling in love with the old charge, much to his chagrin.

All the while, Nigel's distant daughter Karen (Carey Mulligan), and her American boyfriend Luke (Wild Card: Joseph Gordon-Levitt) have gotten pregnant, and Karen contemplates telling Nigel, while Luke frets with the thought of being a father. Coincidentally, Karen is Mi-Do's immigration advisor, and soon the women learn of their connection. Can these circumstances bring the unlikely family together, or tear them apart.

Pitch 3: Father's Girls

Roger and Emma Woodard (Caine and Smith) are a long-divorced couple. Roger is a retired lawyer, and Emma is a successful novelist. Their adopted daughter, Sarah (Kim) is now a bubbly florist who deeply loves both. Despite Sarah's confusion regarding her own sexuality, she meets a shy man, Adam (Wild Card: Ben Whishaw) in her shop and the two begin a relationship.

However, things get thrown for a loop when Emma and Sarah meet Roger's new girlfriend - the young, beautiful, and mildly enigmatic Alexandra (Mulligan). Emma immediately dislikes her, though she no longer has feelings for Roger, and Sarah begins to fall in love with her, though at the same time she resents her for being her father's girlfriend though they are basically the same age.

This not-really-romantic dramedy deals with the impact of the complex relationships between these family members and lovers and how finding love isn't always for the better.


So there you have it, the two marvelous submissions, and mine. Haha! I'm not telling you who wrote what, though if you see yours up here, feel free to tell people you're participating and link to have them vote. I'm not going to vote myself, but please get people to participate!

The winner gets to pick the cast for the next Logline Challenge.


MAJOR Deathmatch

Soooo, I recently participated as a "judge/commentator" of sorts over at Four of Them, for the second round of Simon's Katharine Hepburn VS Chuck Norris Battle Royale. It was a lot of fun so ya'll should be checking that out, right now. Right now!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caught in a Bad Romance...

...with Glee.

See, even though it makes me feel grossly unsatisfied each week, I just can't stop going back episode after episode.

The story is going nowhere, at this point. Honestly, the show has really changed from the first half of the season. During the first season, as I'm sure you know, there was a driving storyline. This season, it's become a "different mini plots each episode" type of thing. I'm not really sure which one I like more.

Though season one was absolutely ridiculous, at least it made me really wonder what was going to happen next. Now the storylines are a little bit more...plausible, but each episode is so static.

Admittedly though, this week's episode was probably one of the best in a while. Though it perhaps wasn't as full of Gaga songs as I was hoping, the two that they did perform were both done very, very well. Poker Face was especially unique, and Bad Romance was just great. The costumes were also a lot of fun.

The inclusion of Kiss was also very interesting, as they're very similar in the "theatricality" aspect as Lady Gaga.

On an acting standpoint, Lea Michele is continuously proving me wrong, and getting better and better. Idina Menzel is just AMAZING, she can haz Emmy nom? Kurt's dad was great in this episode (though do you really expect me to believe that they'd move in together after two episodes? Please) and Matthew Morrison is as annoying as ever!

But, I am getting SICK of the absence of Jayma Mays and especially Jane Lynch. These writers do not REALIZE how much talent they are wasting! I don't know if they just can't be written in due to scheduling conflicts or if they're just simply being overlooked for other story elements, but either way, I really miss them. :'(

Otherwise, I'm going to keep watching Glee because I've come this far. I recently heard that it was picked up for a third season...yikes, is all I can say. The writers can barely propel themselves through this half of the first season. Oh well, whatever happens, happens I guess! I'll keep watching until I completely give up hope on it.

Oh, and Asian vampires ARE the most fierce of all!

Feel free to sound off about this week's Glee down below! Part of the reason I do this weekly column is to stimulate discussion. So, please, stimulate AWAY!

Helena Bonham Carter!

I want to wish a lovely 44th bday to the wonderful Helena Bonham Carter. She's one of my favorite actresses, and she's just amazing, am I right? So happy birthday to her! Woohoo.

What's your fave HBC role?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is Your LAST CHANCE!

Hey peeps, I just want to remind you that today and tomorrow are your last chances to enter my Fantasy Logline Challenge! I mayyyy extend the deadline to next wednesday if I don't get enough submissions, but I'd prefer for you all to send them in tomorrow. Even if your logline is a remake of Twilight, please enter! The more entries the better it will be. :)

Thanks a ton!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I recently participated in the Best Post Blogathon over at He Shot Cyrus, and totally neglected to post to it! Please go check it out if you haven't already, and comment, comment, comment your little heart out.

Best Score Ranking: 1998 Musical or Comedy

This is a very nice category. I'm glad they don't still split the scores up, because that's weird. But, still, this is a great year and I quite love all the scores (except Patch Adams. Sorry Marc!) I'll do the Drama portion of 1998 later. Enjoy!

5. Patch Adams - Marc Shaiman

I'm being maybe a wee bit harsh with only 2 stars, because it's quite a nice score. it Oscar worthy? Not really. Simply because, don't we hear this same sort of thing in every single family movie ever made? I mean, just take any good ol' family film and you'll hear this same exact soundtrack. Just sayin'.

4. A Bug's Life - Randy Newman

Pixar movies always have such great scores! And, my heart melts for Randy Newman. It's really a touching little score, very cute, very nice, and perfect for the movie. Just like most of Randy Newman's work. Haha!

3. Mulan - Jerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder, David Zippel

I like the songs more than the actual score, but really, it's great. Jerry Goldsmith is a master, and this is an interesting medium to see him work with! It surpasses many, many Disney movie scores. And yeah, I know I picked the most cliche song in the movie as my sample clip, but I LIKE IT! :( ahaha

2. Prince of Egypt - Stephen Schwartz, Hans Zimmer

I'm not a humongous fan of Hans Zimmer - sometimes I feel like his music is just a little bit too LOUD ALL THE TIME! But, that being said, Prince of Egypt is an absolutely wonderful score and some of the songs, especially "Deliver Us", are just...GOOSEBUMP inducing. *Shudder*

1. Shakespeare in Love - Stephen Warbeck

Was this even a question? This score wipes the FLOOR with all of the others! Stephen Warbeck's subtle, gorgeous work was the icing on the cake that made me love Shakespeare in Love. It doesn't try to be "period", it doesn't try to be overly romantic, it just works so naturally and it makes me feel so warm inside!

If you're curious as to how these scores stack up against the others I've ranked, go check out the newly updated Overall Ranking.

So, what did you all think of 1998? Was Shakespeare your favorite, or did you prefer one of the others? Do you have a particular year you want to hear about next? React down below!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2009: The Pretty Stuff

More nostalgia...this time the stuff that made my eyes happy. Haha!

Costume Design

I would also like to mention that 500 Days of Summer has wonderfully designed costumes, which is an achievement considering that it's "21st century" and that usually doesn't excite people as much as the period flicks do.

Art Direction


This was really tough...Nine, Bright Star, and then Fantastic Mr. Fox and Coraline also had quite notable cinematography. I just want you all to know though - I ADORE the cinematography from "The White Ribbon".

Now Playing: Shrek Forever After

There is really very little to be said about this movie. It was extremely enjoyable, though it wasn't quite as funny as the other three. Nonetheless! It gave me moments of extreme laughter, and it was a lot of fun to see. I almost want to say that it didn't quite feel like...the end of a series. There was something about the movie that just didn't seem...epic enough, I suppose. The real standout of this film was Walt Dohrn, who voiced Rumpelstiltskin - the best voice acting I've seen since Jennifer Cody in Princess and the Frog! I was shocked to see him also credited as "Head of Story"...that's really interesting. Anyway, he was just perfect in this role - whimsical, great comedic timing, over the top (which I love in voice acting), and just mind blowing. Anyway, I suppose I actually did say a lot about this's a ton of fun, not the best in the series by any means, but still nice and very cute. Incidentally, I was extremely disappointed by the smallness of Jane Lynch's role. ;)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Hurt Locker?"

"More like Squirt Locker!"

Modern Family was great this week. As usual. I want the entire cast to get Emmy nominations. I think it was the season finale! How sad! :(

Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on GLEE

So I'm behind! Sue me! haha. So...yeah. Here are some stream-of-consciousness ramblings on the most recent episode of Glee...

  • Omg...Molly Shannon and John Michael Higgins rocked it! That was easily the best part of the episode.
    " name's Brenda..."

  • On that note, I'm beginning to like the guest stars more than the actual cast - Idina Menzel was really, really good in this episode. More, please!

  • I realized why I can't bear to watch some parts of this show. Because, if some of this stuff happened in real life...I would just barf. Like, the piano man singing in the bar? Awkwarddd...

  • Can we please get that Mike Chang kid a subplot? Oh and Brittany too. Did you see them dancing in that fantasy dance sequence? Yikes, tha's some talent right thar! Anyway it's not fair. :(

  • EMMA...too bad she was only here for about two seconds. She needs more to DO.

  • So does Jane Lynch. When she and NPH had their little moment it was like fireworks! The show is really giving her the short end of the stick these days. Why aren't they utilizing her talents?!?

  • Lea Michele has been getting better and better each week, now that the writers are finally starting to give her some decent material to work with. Keep it up, my dear Lea.

  • I really like the principal. Am I the only one? lol.

  • Apparently Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, and Susan Boyle are in talks for guest appearances. I hope those happen. It would be even better if they could get Kate Gosselin on for a guest appearance (sarcasm! though she was entertaining on Dancing with the Stars).

Okay. Well, that was really random and unorganized but twas my thoughts on the show. I'm really starting to wonder why I watch it anymore - Jane Lynch doesn't get enough to do, and I neither passionately hate or love it, as I used to. So my motivations are starting to become lax...

Anyway! I'm done. Now off to catch up on Modern Family. Muahahaha!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Banner!

Look everyone! I made a new banner!

Anyway, no eye-dentification (oh did you see what I did there? muahaha) contest yet. I'm holding out a little while before I do that. If you're so in the mood to do a contest, please go enter my Fantasy Logline Challenge! Please? :P

This new banner is interesting, I actually think it's easier to identify who all is on it than the last time, though I threw in a couple challengers in there.

Enjoy, everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fantasy Logline Challenge No. 1!

I'm going to try something new, fun, and potentially exciting right here on the ol' blog! It's a way to get my readers' and fellow bloggers' creative juices flowing, and it should be a lot of fun.

I like to call it...the Fantasy Logline Challenge!!!!

Each time that we play this little game, I'll give you a few actors that are to be in your cast, along with a couple of other guidelines. Then you, the reader, formulate a logline for an "upcoming film" to be made according to these parameters.

The logline for your movie can be as detailed or as vague as you like, as long as it identifies the roles of each of the featured actors and gives some idea as to plot. If you want, feel free to say who you want to direct the movie, score the movie...go crazy! Anything goes, really.

The main point is: FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES! You HAVE to talk about all of the provided actors. Be sure to also give your movie a title. The rest is up to you!!!

Then, after a week, we'll put up the submissions and let you guys vote for who you think came up with the best idea.

So let's get started.


Here's your cast...

Michael Caine

Maggie Smith
Carey Mulligan

Ok-Bin Kim

One Wild Card: in case there's any actor you really need to make it work

Alright...have fun everybody, and GO CRAZY!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now Playing: Mother and Child

I'm really surprised more people aren't talking about Mother and Child over the blogosphere! It's had a pretty significant amount of buzz and seems like one of the first really prestigious movies that has come out this year. With such a potentially Oscar-y cast, it was a movie I highly anticipated. But I'm getting ahead of myself! On to what I actually thought of the film.

"Mother and Child" tells the story of three women. The first is Kathy (Annette Bening), a neurotic nurse who lives with her mother who constantly thinks of the daughter she gave up for adoption 37 years prior. That daughter, Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), is the subject of the second plot line in the film. Elizabeth is an extremely successful and icy lawyer who enters an affair with her superior (Samuel L. Jackson). Finally, we have the tale of a woman named Lucy (Kerry Washington) who is attempting to adopt a baby.

I believe that the film does quite a good, though not completely flawless job of balancing the three stories. All three serve to enhance each other, especially Bening and Watts's. The mother and child, as it were, that never knew each other, both searching for meaning in their lives - realizing that what they needed all along was each other. That sounds corny but it's really, really meaningful, especially if you can relate it to a relationship with your own mother.

Kerry Washington's storyline is perhaps the most interesting of the three, yet it is so often pushed aside for the other two. This is where the film falters - I found myself at times waiting a bit too long for the Washington subplot to reappear. This is only a minor problem, however, considering the quality of the other two.

Easily the film's strongest asset is its performances. Annette Bening is absolutely divine in the role of Karen. She seems to be completely immersed in her character - she knows who this woman is so well. She saves the fireworks for when they're really needed making them so much more effective. Naomi Watts, who I love, was also fantastic, and her almost ridiculously written character arc makes complete sense because of the quality of her performance. I also really liked Samuel L. Jackson! He did really, really well playing a role that is sort of off type for him.

As for the film's Oscar chances? I don't know! I really would love to see some love for Annette. Though her screentime is limited due to the triangular nature of the screenplay, I could see her potentially getting a Nicole-Kidman-in-The Hours-esque nomination. She is absolutely marvelous in this film, and I'm really hoping she gets some recognition. Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington would also make good nominees if this turns out to be a weak year. This is sort of a small film though, so it'll be interesting as to how it is received.

ANYWAY, I actually quite loved this movie and though it's not without its flaws, it's inched itself just one notch above "How to Train Your Dragon" in order to get the honor of being the best film I've seen so far this year! With its fabulous performances and pretty-well balanced screenplay, it's definitely a film that should be seen by all, especially if you're in the mood for something touching. ;)

So who's seen it? I want to know! I'm surprised I haven't heard more about it on the blogosphere!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now Playing: Iron Man 2

Disclaimer: I didn't see the original Iron Man, and thus probably wouldn't have seen this one had it not been for an invite from some friends. That being said, it was enjoyable enough...but it wasn't really amazing or anything. The beginning dragged unnecessarily, sooo many courtroom/news scenes. My favorite part was the opening credits: Gwyneth Paltrow! Don Cheadle! Scarlett Johansson! Sam Rockwell!!! I had no idea Sam Rockwell was going to be in this, he always surprises me. I really like all those people, so it was nice to see them onscreen. The special effects were obviously great, and Johansson's ninja-type scene near the end was just awesome. Anyway, there's not much more that I really can or want to say about it - it wasn't a waste of time but it wasn't quite exciting enough.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obligatory Glee Post!

Not that I feel obliged to YOU guys to make a Glee post, but that I feel obliged to satisfy my own selfish need to talk about Glee.

ANYWAY! So, yeah, I'm finally caught up with the other night's episode, and I have to say...

I didn't really hate it?! Or rather, there was nothing in it that I hated. There's usually something in every episode that either disgusts me, annoys me, or just makes me want to jump out a window. This time, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

And there were some wonderful moments! Lea Michele gained a few points in my mind, she was really good this week. She nailed the comedic bits with her lost voice and her subtle turns with the paralyzed dude were REALLY sincere and, dare I say, perfect. Good job Lea! Keep it up!

Maybe I was wrong about you, Lea...

I also thought that the writers sort of ACTUALLY managed to deal with all of their subplots with equal importance and success. On that note though, the entire episode was based on new material. Where was EMMA? What's up with Sue these days? Are regionals even happening? One kind of shocking thing was that Will was just there as a catalyst to the other subplots - and isn't he the main character of the show?! (I'm not complaining though...the less of him the better ;)

Grrr Emma should have been in this episode! She should be in every episode!

Oh and I quickly want to mention a few notable moments of acting. Kurt's singing "Rose's Turn" was GREAT, though the scene it was in was kind of...poorly put together I thought? Though it wasn't bad. I just didn't think it did justice to his performance. I also must say that Santana and Brittany are really, really spot-on whenever they're onscreen. I really like them, their characters just aren't very important.

Anyway, so...positive points for Lea, Chris Colfer, the writers managing to do something sort of right right for once, and no Will! Negative points for neglecting Emma, the previous subplots of the show, and...(sigh) no Will, because he IS the main character.

What were your thoughts on glee? I love hearing everyone's opinions on this show.


Somehow, I was able to reference Borat, Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, In the Loop, Dr. Strangelove, Saturday Night Live and Infomania in one of my AP English Exam essays yesterday. I felt so cool! Yea movies!!! lolz.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aww, Teehee!

Via My Mom is a Fob...

Me: Hey mom, do you want to go see How to Train a Dragon?
Mom: Why? I don’t have dragon!?
Me: Mom, it’s a movie…
Mom: So? I still don’t have dragon!

Hehe. Anyway, How to Train Your Dragon is still the best movie I've seen so far this year!

Are You KIDDING Me?!

WARNING: Rants ahead.

So, I recently came upon Parade Magazine's "What People Earn" issue when I saw this shocking piece of information.

No, not that Ken Federico lives in Alaska, but that Taylor Swift, 21 year old TAYLOR SWIFT, makes 17.2 MILLION dollars. I don't know if that's yearly or what, but 17.2 million?! That's more than some, nay MOST people make in their entire lifetimes!

You're telling me that this girl...

...makes 17.2 million dollars? Give me a break. I mean, even Meryl Streep only earned 5 million for her brilliant work in the Devil Wears Prada. Sure that's not counting whatever else Meryl gets paid for, but seriously people!

Okay, Taylor seems like a sweet girl. I loved her on SNL and "You Belong With Me" is oft-stuck in my head. But does this girl, whose level of talent is debatable, deserve 17.2 million dollars? Really, does anyone deserve to make that much?

Celebrity salaries are quite ridiculous. With advertising sponsorships and movie salaries and record deals, it begins to get out of hand. Many of them do good with their money, but...I don't know. It's just out of control.

So yeah. Sorry Taylor, but I just had to rant. I loves ya, and you seem nice, but...for goodness sake! 17.2 million dollars? Ai Jesus. She's fine, but she sounds like a little girl. I'm sorry! So sorry!!!

I'm not gonna lie though...I love this...

Okay so pardon my rants. What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift, or the general state of celebrity salaries? Respond in the comments!

Monday, May 10, 2010

An Education...Literally

Guess what guys...Andrew at Encore Entertainment was gracious enough to let me do a guest post! So go check it out if you wish. :) It's about some of my favorite, obscure documentaries. Yea!


As you guys know, I mentioned "The White Ribbon" yesterday in my Ensembles of 2009 post. For some reason, the film has been on my mind a lot lately. I know a heavy part of it is the gorgeous cinematography, which I've been obsessing over since I saw the film. It's also kind of a creepy film - I'm still not sure I know how to interpret it. Anyway, I can't get it out of my head. How did this not win the Oscar?! >.<

However, only about a month til a DVD release! Hooray!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2009: The Ensembles

More retrospection! Hoorah!!! Anyway here are my favorite ensemble casts from last year. This was tough because there were some really, really great ones.

Runners Up: Adventureland, Nine

Yes, no, maybe so? Respond in comments!