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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Source Code (2011)

I'm not sure if it was the train-centric opening credits, the Herrmann-ian score by Chris Bacon, the enigmatic female performances from Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan, or something else entirely; but while watching Duncan Jones's "Source Code" I could not help but be reminded of an Alfred Hitchcock film. "Source Code" is not really on the same level as most of Hitchock's filmography, but it wouldn't be difficult to imagine the king of suspense making a movie rather similar to it if he was still alive. Needless to say, the film is smartly, stylishly, and suspensefully put together (helped greatly by its brilliant minimalist structure) and makes for an extremely entertaining hour and a half. However, beyond that hour and a half, the film isn't particularly memorable, perhaps because it skirts around the philosophical questions that it seems to want to ask and never really asserts itself visually. The most lasting aspect of the film is, unsurprisingly, Farmiga's performance - unbelievably complex, gorgeously layered and quietly powerful, her eyes say everything the overall film fails to.



  1. ugh i wish everything in this film was as good jake or vera's performance.
    but i couldn't stand the last part, it totally ruined it for me.
    my own review coming tomorrow, so i'll write about the things i didn't like there.

  2. Ya, I felt about the same. I think the end blew it for me when it didn't end on the image of them reflected in that sphere thinger which, if you think about it, would have been a perfect note to end of.

    I see a lot of people talking about Duncan Jones this and Duncan Jones that and I'm curious at what point between Moon and now did Duncan Jones go on to be consierted some kind of great director or director of note. He's made 1 interested little sci-fi movie and one entertainment, this doesn't really justify my getting excited about his new movies as being something we can expect something special from.

    Good review anyways.

  3. Finally someone has something positive to say about this movie...I haven't seen it yet, but I plan on it, and you're giving me hope that I won't be wasting ninefifty :)

  4. Amir: Vera was transcendent, wasn't she? I can't wait to read your review.

    Mike Lippert: I totally agree about the ending, it got dragged out a bit too long. And as for Duncan Jones, I haven't seen Moon but I do think the excitement about his career is a little premature - he's got potential though so hopefully he doesn't get crushed by expectations.

    Film Conqueror: I definitely didn't think it was a waste! Very enjoyable and entertaining.

  5. I find myself so mixed about Vera here. Sure, she's great in those final moments but the first half is just weird (and that hair, egads).

  6. i'm pretty certain i'm expecting too much, it's finally released here in australia tomorrow and i havent been in a rush to see any other movie since inception. moon really was an incredible piece of science fiction cinema. it can't be as good i know but zowie bowie really has some talent so i'll take a 7/10 review and hope for more.

  7. oh you were so right, it avoided asking the questions or even acknowledging the obvious questions that it forms in your mind as you view it. and the endings...i didn't like any of them.
    if i'd have researched the writer before getting excited by this movie i would have expected a lot less. i mean writing species 3 and 4? seriously? how did this movie get such a large budget based on his writing?


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