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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Third Man (1949)

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"The Third Man" is an exciting and intriguing piece of film noir that follows a writer of insignificant novels, Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) as he tries to piece together the death of his friend in Vienna, who was killed in an "accident" that Martins believes was actually murder. It's a perfectly mysterious and amazing plot that provides an excellent basis to the film.

The greatest part of this film is the absolutely stunning cinematography. Every shot, every angle, every light and every shadow is just so perfect that I was simply awed by every frame that my eyes absorbed. Also, the music was extremely unique - not the usual dramatic orchestral soundtrack that accompanies films of this era, but a folksy, almost jolly guitar-like score that definitely makes this movie something special.

I can't say that there's a lot wrong with this film, though it's still extremely fresh in my mind (I finished it like, an hour ago) so it's sort of difficult to write a really thorough review on it. However, I guess I could say that I just didn't feel completely emotionally absorbed in the story. My brain was totally active but my heart wasn't really anywhere in it, which usually bothers me though this film was so perfect that I totally forgive it for alienating me. Plus, that last shot could make me like any film...


So there you have it. "The Third Man" is certainly not my favorite noir, but it's deservedly a classic, and oddly enough I quite loved it despite its inability to fully capture me emotionally. It truly is a film you must see before you die, if for nothing else but that cinematography! Ohhhhhhh.


What did you think of "The Third Man", or film noir in general? Or do you just want to complain about my lackluster review? Go crazy in the comments!

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  1. The Third Man is my second favorite Welles movie. Film noir is awesome (though, to be honest, I only really got into it after Brick).


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