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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Now Playing: How to Train Your Dragon

"How to Train Your Dragon" is kind of an exciting movie for me, was the first animated film I saw this year! And, the first of this new decade! I'm such an animation geek, I get excited about little things like this, but seriously, it's awesome.

Anyway! So, "Dragon" tells the story of an outcast, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) who lives in a viking community of dragon killers. Hiccup however, being kind of a wimp, has never killed a dragon and dreams of the day when he will. However, when presented with the opportunity to do so, he finds compassion with the dragon and befriends it, and must save his village.

The plot is super basic and mildly cliche, but it totally worked nonetheless. The friendship between Hiccup and the dragon is so ridiculously cute it's just impossible not to love, and the dragon-flying scenes were just beautiful! I felt like I was on the back of the dragon, so free and in the air. It was really quite special.

I suppose the thing about this movie is...I almost feel sorry for it,'s really good, and it almost feels like Dreamworks was just kind of like..."OH! We have this dragon movie we have to release! Quick, get it finished and released ASAP, it can't conflict with Shrek 4!" Not because the movie necessarily shows it (even though perhaps with some more love it could have been even better) but that the entire presentation seemed a bit rushed.

Despite that, however, "How to Train Your Dragon" is a ridiculously enjoyable and lovable little movie, if not a bit trite. Definitely a fitting way to start the year/decade in animation and I highly recommend seeing it.


P.S. I did see this in 3D, and it was pretty good. I felt the 3D enhanced it for sure, but I'm sure it'd be fine in 2D as well.


  1. I remember reading this book in like third grade and I loved it. I still have to get around to seeing its movie...

  2. You should definitely see it! I have no idea how closely it's related to the source material, though I'm kind of curious.

  3. Aww, I didn't really have any interest in this before, but your review makes me wanna see it! x

  4. Looks like a great movie. hopefully I'll get to watch it soon and get a review up.


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