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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bright Star (2009)

I finally watched it!!! "Bright Star" was such a hit on the blogosphere I felt like I was the only one who hadn't seen it. But thankfully, enough people recommended that I watch it and I had a major incentive to go ahead and finally do it.

So in case you didn't already know, "Bright Star" is the rather quiet story of a love affair that developed between the doomed poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and a fashionable young woman, Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish).

Really, one of the most surprising things about this movie was how quiet and subtle it was. I'm so used to period dramas where the guys are all prideful and proper all the time and all the girls are constantly screaming or crying about stuff. But no, this one was different - Keats is a frail hero, and Abbie is a strong girl. Their love is never gratuitous, the emotions never over the top, and instead, it's all presented so realistically and beautifully.

Obviously the biggest credit goes to Jane Campion's direction, and the absolutely wonderful performance by Abbie Cornish. She definitely deserved at least a nomination last year at the Oscars. And the little girl who played Toots...she was perfect. The cinematography is also gorgeous, and the costumes...oh my goodness! The costumes!!! They were phenomenal. At least Oscar had the eyeballs to nominate those.

Oh and the score was very, very pretty.

However, I will say that the story was not super compelling. It was highly wordy (though, the words were lovely) but not a lot happened between each sentence. Though...I was never really bored. I didn't mind the wordiness; those whispered conversations. Then again, I do feel the movie ended too abruptly.

I did not fall head over heels in love with the movie, but it was still an absolutely breathtaking film visually, and a refreshingly subtle diversion from the usual period film that I have grown accustomed to seeing. Great recommendation everyone! And now I don't feel like the only blogger who hasn't seen it.


Now just a bit more eye candy...

What did you think of Bright Star? I know you've all seen it! ;)


  1. I was really into the development of this when I had a thing for Ben Whishaw--during the I'm Not There, aftermath-of-Nathan-Barley phase--and then it was renewed after all the press started in. Now I have to get at a Redbox or something.

  2. I had premiere tickets, but I never really had the urge to see it. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.

  3. Simon and Ollie, you both should definitely check it out! It's definitely worth a watch...Abbie Cornish's performance alone I feel merits it, along with the beautiful production.


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