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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Open Glee Thread

Yeah. So right here, this post, I'm opening to all your thoughts about last night's episode of Glee. If anyone has any.

I just don't even know where to start, it just gets more and more convoluted every week! I'm almost going past the point of forgiving its ridiculosity. And Emma didn't even show up last night :(((

Jane Lynch did have some really good moments, and Kristen Chenoweth was also nice. But it's really that there's no driving storyline, subplots are ignored for episodes at a time...Eeeek! I'm so conflicted. I love it but I hate it. And this second season or whatever it is, it's just even more outlandish than the first.

I mean, how many times can they fit teary eyed confessions into one 45 minute period???

So share your thoughts below...maybe I should be more forgiving but things are just getting crazy. Pardon my rantyness!!! :P


  1. Hey Robert, thanks for the blogroll add, I'll do the same :)

  2. I totally agree. The only reason I'm still watching is for Brittany's hilarious one-liners and Jane Lynch's awesomeness. I stopped paying attention during the other parts. The plot's barely developed since the first episode...

  3. Oh wow, I couldn't disagree more - I thought the faux pregnancy, the "who's the daddy?" subplot, and the complete lack of reality in the first part of the season was far more troublesome than what's happening now. With the exception of the Sectionals episode, I gotta say I think the last two episodes have been the show's best ones for completely different reasons. The Madonna one embraced the theatrical nature of the show that viewers love, while last night's brought some sleek poignancy and actually got those hamsters to really act for once! Rant... over. :)

  4. Castor: Thank you!!! :D

    Lorel: We are completely in agreement. And Jane Lynch is awesome. :P

    Luke: I totally agree that the first season's plots were just horrendous, but I think what kept it going for me was that they actually had some forward motion...they left something hanging for the next episode. Now, there are new subplots each episode that are totally done each time, which I have a problem with, because it makes it seem kind of pointless!

    That being said, I still enjoy watching and you are definitely right about last night's episode's poignancy. It did hit on some sensitive subjects successfully (Mercedes and Quinn's little one-on-one was great, for example) which was quite nice. Also, I think it gave Jane Lynch some great moments to be subtle, which just truly shows off her abilities.

  5. I agree with Luke sort of. The poignancy is good (but all that crying, Jesus Christ) but Kristin Chenoweth is hot and I LOVE her...but no Lea Michele grrrrrrrr.

  6. Headed into this second round of episodes, I still feel like "Glee" is completely hit-or-miss, and its writers are conflicted about what kind of show they want it to be. Is it a drama with a splash of comedy? Is it a comedy with drama? "Glee" just seems to be all over the place, and the lack cohesion is starting to get to me. The writers really need to strive for some level of consistency.


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