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Friday, June 4, 2010

TV Meme Day 3: Favorite New Show

This most recent season of television has been a particularly enjoyable one for me - I've started watching more TV than ever (is that a good thing? lol) and found some wonderful shows. Two of the shows that I've loved this season, Glee and Modern Family, have already been written about by Andrew and Luke, so I'm going to write about an equally enjoyable and altogether fantastic show - Party Down.

I discovered Party Down when I watched the video of AFI's Top 10 Television Programs of the year. I saw a clip of Jane Lynch, and I knew I had to start watching. PD follows the Party Down catering company, which consists of a cast of interesting characters -the team leader, Ron (Ken Marino); a former actor, Henry (a hilariously deadpan Adam Scott); the quirky wannabe comedian Casey (Lizzy Caplan); the rather unintelligent actor Kyle (Ryan Hansen); and a sci-fi screenwriter, Roman (Martin Starr, you know, from Adventureland!).

In each episode, the crew is working at some kind of party that acts as a catalyst for the crazy characters to do all sorts of hilarious things. For example, in the recent "James Ellison Funeral" episode, Henry and Casey must keep the funeral family unaware of the identity of a mistress of the deceased and her son, who appear uninvited to the funeral - all the while, Kyle hopelessly tries to learn the blues. It may sound like too much to handle, but the show weaves it all together perfectly.

While the show is often laugh out loud hysterical, it also never shies away from being melancholy at times as well. All of the characters live really screwed up, hopeless lives and while they could have become stupid caricatures, the show treats them like the humans they are - imperfect, but who isn't? The cast, especially my faves Lizzy and Adam, all do miracles in their performances.

I haven't even gotten to mention the actresses that bring in probably the most laughs - Jane Lynch, who sadly had to leave due to her commitment to Glee, was always perfect as Constance Carmel. Megan Mullaly, who was hired to replace her, is hilarious as the single mom Lydia, and I've loved her character so much. Always so funny.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Party Down will be able to carry on much longer - Adam Scott, who drives the show, is no longer going to be a recurring character next season, and Ryan Hansen is going to be in a new show on NBC that could effect this one. However, though the fate of Party Down is unsure, it is certain that the episodes that it's given us so far are always going to be a perfect piece of TV, whether the team is catering a birthday party or an orgy. I just love this show!

What be-eth your favorite new show this season? Do you watch Party Down? Comment belowww!

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  1. I gotta say - I was not too sure how much sustaining power this show would have, but it's actually gotten better with each episode. I'm so glad they were able to find a suitable replacement for Lynch, and Mullally is one of her equals in comedydom. You're keeping this meme very interesting, sir!


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