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Monday, June 28, 2010

TV Meme Day 27: Best Pilot Episode

I think the perfect pilot episode came in the recent first episode of "Modern Family". We get a great individualized portrait of each individual family (and Sofia Vergara shows us all how amazing she is going to be). It lets you see how great and well-developed every character is going to be, and gives us a bit of an intro to the wonderful mockumentary format that is going to be used. And, it was probably the funniest episode of the entire season.

Finally, we discover that all three of the families are related! Claire and Mitchell are brother and sister, and Jay is their dad? It's awesome. Even though (ironically) the pilot of Modern Family wasn't the first episode of the show I watched, it's probably my favorite of them all so far and it was just the perfect declaration of how wonderful the show would be. Hoorah!

What's your fave pilot? This post is automated, but please comment below! I wanna hear your opinionssss.


  1. Robert thanks for sharing Best Pilot Episode finding it from long time...

  2. Great choice! I thought for certain you'd choose the standard Glee option if you were going with the 2009-10 season, but this is a refreshing alternative. I feel that this cast is going to truly stand as one of the great ensembles in years to come...

  3. My favorite pilot episode is either 'Friends' or 'Lost.' They both rank so high.. I mean, Rachel in a wedding dress is pretty classic. But that plane crash is stunning/horrifying/breathtaking and sucks the viewer right in.


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