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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liveblogging Glee...Kinda

I'm trying something dif for my weekly Glee post (my Gleekly post? Too much?). I'm going to watch it on Hulu and write my thoughts as I go along! That's awesome, isn't it? Yeah. I thought so. I highly apologize for being overly cynical. I hope it's not too boring...but...enjoy peoples! ;)

  • 00:30 - Thirty seconds in, and Mercedes says that she thinks they have a shot at regionals. WELL DUH! YOU PEOPLE CAN LOOK AT A PIECE OF MUSIC FOR TWO SECONDS AND KNOW A FULL SONG AND DANCE ROUTINE FOR IT!

  • 00:31 - Now that I think of it, I kind of forgot this show was about that. Go figure.

  • 1:12 - Riiiiight, like the rival school would really come in full costume to show off. Okay, I really need to suspend my disbelief a bit more with this show.

  • 3:00 - This reminds me of when my room got TPed at music camp once. It was like, the most exciting thing ever. HAHA

  • 3:30 - JANE LYNCH! I've missed you much.

  • 5:40 - Terri! I've missed Jessalyn Gilsig as well. She's really, really good at making her horrendous character so sympathetic. (6:11) and she was just PHENOMENAL in that scene. I hope this doesn't mean the end of her character.

  • 9:30 - Will is buying drugs? Seriously? The writers were that much out of ideas? Though it's believable.

  • 10:52 - Will's funk monologue was horrendous. *shudder*

  • 11:25 - Nice! Quinn is apparently going to get something juicy to do. Woohoooo

  • Ca. 15:23 - I'm not even going to ask what just happened. O_o

  • 17:43 - How come Puck gets a guitar and Fin only gets a broom?

  • 18:48 - Yea Terri.

  • 23:37 - All that spinning can NOT be good for those unborn babies. I feel about as weird about this as the kids in the glee club, but Dianna Agron is handling her spotlight very well.

  • 25:54 - "Your date's not coming. You got stood up." Who is that actress and why is she so awesome?

  • 26:16 - Your relationship with Emma? How is that going? Because I haven't seen Emma in about three episodes. :'(

  • 29:50 - Drinking game idea: take a shot every time someone says "funk". (for those of you who are of age, of course! teehee)

  • 31:00 - This is the cutest thing ever! Mercedes and Quinn moving in togetherrr!

  • 34:47 - Duuuude this is wrong on soooo many levelllssss. How could they throw eggs at Rachel? She was so happy! And she was great in that scene, by the way. Oh, and also, the eggs don't have fetuses in them! Vegans don't eat eggs because of how poorly the egg-laying chickens are treated!!! Sorry, rant. :P

  • 35:40 - Aghhh Lea Michele is just determined to make me regret dissing her acting. She just was amazing in that egg scene. And, I feel sorry for her vegan nightmares. :(

  • 36:50 - I would love to see Chris Colfer do a 14 minute Celine Dion tribute in French. :)
Wow, I really liked the "We Got the Funk". Anyway, the episode as a whole was pretty fine. Again, it didn't do a whole lot for me, as the show hasn't been recently - though I liked how it brought Jane Lynch back, and remembered some of the previous storylines. I'm glad it did that. Really glad.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my comments, leave your own below! :)

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  1. I didn't think there was any point to it- the writing is getting worse and worse.


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