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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fantasy Logline Challenge No. 1: THE WINNER!

So my friends and readers, we have come to the end of the first logline challenge! To read about the challenge, click AQUI. To read all the original pitches in full, click MOI.

Anyway, the votes were ridiculously close, and all the entries were great. Thanks so much to the two of you who entered, and for everyone who voted!

Here's just a quick recap on the entries.


Pitch 1: Pint of Bitters by Marc Edward Heuck

Carey Mulligan plays the young version of Maggie Smith, who becomes young when her husband of many years, Michael Caine, goes into a coma. She must decide whether to keep her youth and leave Michael in a coma or to go back to normal. Ok-Bin Kim plays Caine's nurse.

I really liked this one, Mulligan playing a young Smith is pretty amazing. I also love the moral conflict that the Mulligan/Smith character has to deal with - verrrrry nice indeed.

Pitch 2: You Can't Love Her by Simon

Michael Caine, who is on the verge of dementia, and who is hallucinating of his dead wife Smith, enters a strange love affair with his nurse Ok-Bin Kim, who is searching for citizenship and has her own very strange motives. Caine's daughter is Carey Mulligan, whose boyfriend is Wild Card Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Mulligan is Kim's immigration officer, and circumstances elevate when they learn of their connection.

Another fantastic entry! I'm loving the coupling of JGL and Mulligan (Hollywood producers, make that happen, please?). If this were to be made into a movie, it has the potential for a really layered and compelling screenplay and if helmed by a director with good vision, it could be quite fantastic.

Pitch 3: Father's Girls
by ME! (Yes, me. I entered my own contest, because I'm awesome like that, haha, and three is a good number)

Ok-Bin Kim plays the adopted daughter of the long-divorced couple of Caine and Smith. Kim is a bubbly florist who questions her own sexuality though she enters a relationship with the shy Ben Whishaw. Things get even crazier when she meets and falls in love with her father's new, young girlfriend, Carey Mulligan. Family drama ensues.

I'm not really entitled to comment upon my own piece...hehe. ;)


the winner is...

"You Can't Love Her", by SIMON!

Congratulations Simon! You win my undying love, as well as the ability to pick the cast for the next Logline Challenge if you should accept.

As all of you know, the voting was horrendously close (there was a tie until like, the last two hours of voting), so thank you so much to all of you who entered and voted...I bet you can't wait until the next one! ;)

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  1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Summer Glau, Greta Gerwig, and Morgan Freeman. If it can only be four, nix Murphy.

    And thank you verily.


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