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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fantasy Logline Challenge No. 1!

I'm going to try something new, fun, and potentially exciting right here on the ol' blog! It's a way to get my readers' and fellow bloggers' creative juices flowing, and it should be a lot of fun.

I like to call it...the Fantasy Logline Challenge!!!!

Each time that we play this little game, I'll give you a few actors that are to be in your cast, along with a couple of other guidelines. Then you, the reader, formulate a logline for an "upcoming film" to be made according to these parameters.

The logline for your movie can be as detailed or as vague as you like, as long as it identifies the roles of each of the featured actors and gives some idea as to plot. If you want, feel free to say who you want to direct the movie, score the movie...go crazy! Anything goes, really.

The main point is: FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES! You HAVE to talk about all of the provided actors. Be sure to also give your movie a title. The rest is up to you!!!

Then, after a week, we'll put up the submissions and let you guys vote for who you think came up with the best idea.

So let's get started.


Here's your cast...

Michael Caine

Maggie Smith
Carey Mulligan

Ok-Bin Kim

One Wild Card: in case there's any actor you really need to make it work

Alright...have fun everybody, and GO CRAZY!


  1. Title: You Can't Love Her
    Synopsis: Nigel (Michael Caine), an old man on the verge of dementia, begins to hallucinate of his dead wife Emma (Maggie Smith), meanwhile entering into an illicit affair with a young nurse sent to care for him (Kim Ok-Bin). Mi-do, the nurse, is applying for British citizenship and initially hopes the community service will put her in favor of the immigration offices, but finds herself falling in love with the old charge, much to his chagrin.

    All the while, Nigel's distant daughter Karen (Carey Mulligan), and her American boyfriend Luke (Wild card: Joseph Gordon-Levitt) have gotten pregnant, and Karen contemplates telling Nigel, while Luke frets with the thought of being a father. Coincidentally, Karen is Mi-Do's immigration advisor, and soon the women learn of their connection. Can these circumstances bring the unlikely family together, or tear them apart.

    I'll take my Oscar by post, if you please.

  2. Simon, I'm not going to display your synopsis since I want the voting to be anonymous, but WOW that was really, really amazing! Haha. It's going to be hard to beat that starting blow.

  3. Oh, pshaw. I'm still expecting that Oscar.



    Michael Caine and Maggie Smith are a long-married couple with a rocky history involving career sacrifice, fights, loss of their only child, and, as the story opens, Caine debilitating illness that requires Smith's constant attention, along with that of a chipper visiting nurse (Kim). During a rare moment when Smith is out of the house, Caine comes upon some mementos of her youth and shares the stories entailed with their nurse, becoming guilt-ridden for what he now sees as his cavalier treatment of her. A few nights later, during his birthday party, after blowing out his candles, he confides in her that he wished she could be a bird again, and lapses into a coma. After getting him to hospital, Smith goes home to sleep...and wakes up a young woman (Mulligan). When the nurse comes over, Mulligan only convinces her she is the wife by showing a scar on her body left behind by one of the arguments she had with Caine in their youth. After some time mulling about the circumstance, and no change in Caine's inert status, Kim takes her now-young boss on youthful exploits, so that indeed she can indulge in the fun she had given up to be a wife and homemaker. It would appear her youth is tied to his coma - when he shows signs of activity, Mulligan shows signs of aging - and on one day when he is alert and speaking, she is thrust into her old self as Smith. Thus she must decide whether to let him be fully awake and be old again, or let him "sleep" so she can have her second chance at youth.

    Written and Directed by Audrey Wells. Music by Pete Townsend.

  5. Thanks a lot Marc! Another very, very good submission! This is going to be very interesting... :D

  6. Thanks - I'm dying to see who I'm up against.


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