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Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Impact Man: The Documentary (2009)

I'm totally an environmentalist, but at first the Colin Beaven and his wife seemed a little bit annoying. However, as the movie went along, you realize how really committed these two are - Colin to his project, Michelle to Colin. It was really inspiring, and it's great to see someone take their beliefs and basically become the opposite of a hypocrite. On a filmmaking level, it's not perhaps the most engrossing documentary, but it is nice because it's completely minimalist and doesn't force a lot of facts on you, which was a good choice. Instead of trying to educate about the environment, it chooses to just give you a picture of this family, which is far more successful. You can argue that the whole thing is just a publicity stunt, which even Beaven admits is partially true, but it's still a pretty amazing thing he did and though this isn't the most engrossing or groundbreaking doc it's interesting just based on its subjects.


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