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Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Score Ranking: 1998 Musical or Comedy

This is a very nice category. I'm glad they don't still split the scores up, because that's weird. But, still, this is a great year and I quite love all the scores (except Patch Adams. Sorry Marc!) I'll do the Drama portion of 1998 later. Enjoy!

5. Patch Adams - Marc Shaiman

I'm being maybe a wee bit harsh with only 2 stars, because it's quite a nice score. it Oscar worthy? Not really. Simply because, don't we hear this same sort of thing in every single family movie ever made? I mean, just take any good ol' family film and you'll hear this same exact soundtrack. Just sayin'.

4. A Bug's Life - Randy Newman

Pixar movies always have such great scores! And, my heart melts for Randy Newman. It's really a touching little score, very cute, very nice, and perfect for the movie. Just like most of Randy Newman's work. Haha!

3. Mulan - Jerry Goldsmith, Matthew Wilder, David Zippel

I like the songs more than the actual score, but really, it's great. Jerry Goldsmith is a master, and this is an interesting medium to see him work with! It surpasses many, many Disney movie scores. And yeah, I know I picked the most cliche song in the movie as my sample clip, but I LIKE IT! :( ahaha

2. Prince of Egypt - Stephen Schwartz, Hans Zimmer

I'm not a humongous fan of Hans Zimmer - sometimes I feel like his music is just a little bit too LOUD ALL THE TIME! But, that being said, Prince of Egypt is an absolutely wonderful score and some of the songs, especially "Deliver Us", are just...GOOSEBUMP inducing. *Shudder*

1. Shakespeare in Love - Stephen Warbeck

Was this even a question? This score wipes the FLOOR with all of the others! Stephen Warbeck's subtle, gorgeous work was the icing on the cake that made me love Shakespeare in Love. It doesn't try to be "period", it doesn't try to be overly romantic, it just works so naturally and it makes me feel so warm inside!

If you're curious as to how these scores stack up against the others I've ranked, go check out the newly updated Overall Ranking.

So, what did you all think of 1998? Was Shakespeare your favorite, or did you prefer one of the others? Do you have a particular year you want to hear about next? React down below!


  1. Yeah! Shakeapeare in Love certainly has one of the great movie scores!


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