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Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Random Thoughts on GLEE

So I'm behind! Sue me! haha. So...yeah. Here are some stream-of-consciousness ramblings on the most recent episode of Glee...

  • Omg...Molly Shannon and John Michael Higgins rocked it! That was easily the best part of the episode.
    " name's Brenda..."

  • On that note, I'm beginning to like the guest stars more than the actual cast - Idina Menzel was really, really good in this episode. More, please!

  • I realized why I can't bear to watch some parts of this show. Because, if some of this stuff happened in real life...I would just barf. Like, the piano man singing in the bar? Awkwarddd...

  • Can we please get that Mike Chang kid a subplot? Oh and Brittany too. Did you see them dancing in that fantasy dance sequence? Yikes, tha's some talent right thar! Anyway it's not fair. :(

  • EMMA...too bad she was only here for about two seconds. She needs more to DO.

  • So does Jane Lynch. When she and NPH had their little moment it was like fireworks! The show is really giving her the short end of the stick these days. Why aren't they utilizing her talents?!?

  • Lea Michele has been getting better and better each week, now that the writers are finally starting to give her some decent material to work with. Keep it up, my dear Lea.

  • I really like the principal. Am I the only one? lol.

  • Apparently Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, and Susan Boyle are in talks for guest appearances. I hope those happen. It would be even better if they could get Kate Gosselin on for a guest appearance (sarcasm! though she was entertaining on Dancing with the Stars).

Okay. Well, that was really random and unorganized but twas my thoughts on the show. I'm really starting to wonder why I watch it anymore - Jane Lynch doesn't get enough to do, and I neither passionately hate or love it, as I used to. So my motivations are starting to become lax...

Anyway! I'm done. Now off to catch up on Modern Family. Muahahaha!


  1. Community. You should watch Community. That is all.

  2. I like Glee because it's over the top, and I'm pretty sure it knows it. I mean, Ryan Murphy knows it... or should know it. Like on Murphy's previous show, the WB's Popular? I'm waiting for random characters to just pop up in Glee out of nowhere. He used to do that all the time on Popular... even having Jane Lynch play a part on the hilarious I Still Know What You Did Last Spring Break episode.

    And I thought Emma... or I guess Jayma Mays(?) is shooting some movie or something along those lines, so they couldn't bring her back for the last 9 episodes.


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