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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caught in a Bad Romance...

...with Glee.

See, even though it makes me feel grossly unsatisfied each week, I just can't stop going back episode after episode.

The story is going nowhere, at this point. Honestly, the show has really changed from the first half of the season. During the first season, as I'm sure you know, there was a driving storyline. This season, it's become a "different mini plots each episode" type of thing. I'm not really sure which one I like more.

Though season one was absolutely ridiculous, at least it made me really wonder what was going to happen next. Now the storylines are a little bit more...plausible, but each episode is so static.

Admittedly though, this week's episode was probably one of the best in a while. Though it perhaps wasn't as full of Gaga songs as I was hoping, the two that they did perform were both done very, very well. Poker Face was especially unique, and Bad Romance was just great. The costumes were also a lot of fun.

The inclusion of Kiss was also very interesting, as they're very similar in the "theatricality" aspect as Lady Gaga.

On an acting standpoint, Lea Michele is continuously proving me wrong, and getting better and better. Idina Menzel is just AMAZING, she can haz Emmy nom? Kurt's dad was great in this episode (though do you really expect me to believe that they'd move in together after two episodes? Please) and Matthew Morrison is as annoying as ever!

But, I am getting SICK of the absence of Jayma Mays and especially Jane Lynch. These writers do not REALIZE how much talent they are wasting! I don't know if they just can't be written in due to scheduling conflicts or if they're just simply being overlooked for other story elements, but either way, I really miss them. :'(

Otherwise, I'm going to keep watching Glee because I've come this far. I recently heard that it was picked up for a third season...yikes, is all I can say. The writers can barely propel themselves through this half of the first season. Oh well, whatever happens, happens I guess! I'll keep watching until I completely give up hope on it.

Oh, and Asian vampires ARE the most fierce of all!

Feel free to sound off about this week's Glee down below! Part of the reason I do this weekly column is to stimulate discussion. So, please, stimulate AWAY!


  1. I thought it was just terrible. The first season may have been corny and cliched, but it was more then watchable. And I agree with you on Sue! WHY is she being wasted?! And I'm starting to like Jayma Mays more, even though her character is annoying. But I miss M.r Shue's wife though! I'm glad she's coming back.

  2. Asian vampires are hardcore, yo.

    Still keep forgetting to watch this.

  3. I have tried to shy away from ever watching this show. Though once I heard they were doing Gaga, I just might have to try and find the episode online and watch it.


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