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Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Hurt Locker?"

"More like Squirt Locker!"

Modern Family was great this week. As usual. I want the entire cast to get Emmy nominations. I think it was the season finale! How sad! :(


  1. It was the season finale! But what a consistently great season it was! I agree with the Emmy love. I'm holding out hope that they manage a few (or at the very least for Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara).

  2. Luke, I could not agree more! I really hope that Stonestreet and Vergara get nominated, they are always hysterical.

  3. Eric Stonestreet needs a nomination (and a win), nothing against Jon Cryer... I know Piven must have nab a win when he shouldn't have, but Neil Patrick Harris needed to win last time... and Stonestreet needs to win for his Cameron. xD


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