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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obligatory Glee Post!

Not that I feel obliged to YOU guys to make a Glee post, but that I feel obliged to satisfy my own selfish need to talk about Glee.

ANYWAY! So, yeah, I'm finally caught up with the other night's episode, and I have to say...

I didn't really hate it?! Or rather, there was nothing in it that I hated. There's usually something in every episode that either disgusts me, annoys me, or just makes me want to jump out a window. This time, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

And there were some wonderful moments! Lea Michele gained a few points in my mind, she was really good this week. She nailed the comedic bits with her lost voice and her subtle turns with the paralyzed dude were REALLY sincere and, dare I say, perfect. Good job Lea! Keep it up!

Maybe I was wrong about you, Lea...

I also thought that the writers sort of ACTUALLY managed to deal with all of their subplots with equal importance and success. On that note though, the entire episode was based on new material. Where was EMMA? What's up with Sue these days? Are regionals even happening? One kind of shocking thing was that Will was just there as a catalyst to the other subplots - and isn't he the main character of the show?! (I'm not complaining though...the less of him the better ;)

Grrr Emma should have been in this episode! She should be in every episode!

Oh and I quickly want to mention a few notable moments of acting. Kurt's singing "Rose's Turn" was GREAT, though the scene it was in was kind of...poorly put together I thought? Though it wasn't bad. I just didn't think it did justice to his performance. I also must say that Santana and Brittany are really, really spot-on whenever they're onscreen. I really like them, their characters just aren't very important.

Anyway, so...positive points for Lea, Chris Colfer, the writers managing to do something sort of right right for once, and no Will! Negative points for neglecting Emma, the previous subplots of the show, and...(sigh) no Will, because he IS the main character.

What were your thoughts on glee? I love hearing everyone's opinions on this show.


  1. Oh, well. I should start watching this show, probably.

  2. I actually didn't like this episode at all, really. Good musical numbers, but the whole thing with the disabled friend just was pointless. The Maddona episode was the beginning of the end (At least for me), but I did like the home episode, but apart from that, Glee's jumped the shark, in my opinion.

  3. Yes, I definitely felt similarly about the episode. After the last few pleased me so, I was a little "hmmmm" I guess. The best part of this write-up? - the part where you state matter-of-factly how glad you were that Matthew Morrisson was hardly in the episode. That's always a sign of a good night of Glee for me. :)


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