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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now Playing: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

"Scott Pilgrim" was probably one of, if not THE film I wanted to see the most this year. Ever since I watched the first trailer, I was engrossed by what looked to be an exciting, funny, and creative movie, one that would fit me perfectly. Well, after finally seeing it, I can say that it lived up to my expectations and so much more.

The film follows the titular Scott (Michael Cera, of course) a 23 year old living in Toronto. He's in a band, he has an awesome gay roommate, and he's dating a high schooler...until he falls in love with the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Little does he know that he will have to fight her seven evil exes in order to truly be able to win her heart. Craziness ensues!

This was truly one of the most fun experiences I've had at the movies in a long time. First of all, "Scott Pilgrim" is extremely well written and it is very, very funny. There are literally dozens of lines that remain quotable even a few days after seeing the movie ("I'm BI FURIOUS!" "I'm in lesbians with you" "YOU PUNCHED THE HIGHLIGHTS OUT OF HER HAIR!" "Don't you know, Todd's VEGAN."), and past that, there are so many visual and auditory gags that just leave you rolling in your seat asking for more.

Of course, this hilarity is helped heavily by the stellar cast. Michael Cera does his best work since "Juno" here, but the supporting cast is truly worth noting. Each of the exes is played perfectly, especially those of Chris Evans, Mae Whitman and Brandon Routh. Kieran Culkin and Anna Kendrick are both scene stealers, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a great job of giving her character multiple layers. I loved seeing Brie Larson, who was obviously having a ball with her role, and the Sex Bob-ombs and Audrey Plaza were comedic gold. However, if there was a best in show, it would probably be Ellen Wong, whose Knives Chau was both ridiculously cute, hysterically funny, and heart-meltingly sensitive.

Edgar Wright's accomplishments with the style of this film can NOT be understated. The comic book/video game visuals were absolutely marvelous and so unlike anything else. They were seamless and made the movie just that one bit better than most others of its genre. The fight scenes as well benefited from this, as each was so engaging, different from the last, and well put together. Incidentally, I feel this movie succeeds more in the action department than Inception.

Sure, it's not the greatest movie of ALL TIME! Nor is it a movie that everyone will like, or appreciate, or understand, or even want to see. I'm the target generation who grew up with the comics and video games that it's paying homage to. It's not any piece of powerful, thought-provoking cinema but it is sure as heck one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time. And to find such a funny, sincere movie with characters that actually mean something is a rare occurrance.

(I'd give it a 10 because I loved it that much, but it really isn't a 10 movie. Hehe!)

P.S. I'll be first on the bandwagon of campaigning this movie for Oscars in Editing, Art Direction, Sound Editing and Mixing, and Song. I would wishfully think it had a chance at Best Picture and Screenplay but that ain't happenin. :P Anyone else with me on this?

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  1. Every technical award should go to this, but the Oscars will most likely tip their noses at such awesomeness.


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