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Monday, August 23, 2010

I am in need of assistance

Hello readers! Okay so I'm in a slump. I need some movie recommendations. Any good ones that are on your mind that I need to see? Or perhaps you have a Best Score Oscar Year that you want me to rank? Please sound off below - just write whatever pops into your head! I love you readers, you know...I want us to have this relationship. :D

(I put this picture of Wall-E here because he is irresistably cute)


  1. Hmmmm um, do you like Judy Garland?

  2. Well, the best of the summer season had been Toy Story 3 and Inception, I believe. I liked TS3 more than Inception though. Just a tiny bit.

    If you're looking for less mainstream - I think Ip Man was released on DVD in America, and if you managed to catch Ip Man 2, that's cool too.

    There's also the Taiwanese Au Revoir Taipei, which I thought was charming.

    And definitely try to watch The Ghost Writer, if only for Olivia Williams.

  3. Joe: Well, I have not seen Judy's iconic performances (like, A Star is Born or Judgment at Neuremberg) but I just ADORE her in Wizard of Oz. Then again, who doesnt... ;)

    Amy: Oh wow, thanks so much for the recommendations! I'm defintiely going to check them out! I really do need to see Ghost Writer, especially. And I definitely agree, TS3 and Inception were both quite good. Though I liked TS3 much more :)

  4. Mother by Bong Joon-ho. It is brilliant, sir.

  5. AHH Simon I want to see that so bad. Perhaps I'll put that first on my "next to watch" list. Haha.


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