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Saturday, August 28, 2010

City Island (2010)

Like most movies about people with secrets, "City Island" was extremely frustrating, accenuated by the fact that neither the script nor the actors gave enough justification to why the characters were refusing to tell each other anything. Additionally, the ridiculous amounts of subplots were not really balanced well at all, especially not helped by the weird editing (the random scenes of the son with the fat women were not integrated well at all, even if they were some of the more interesting in the film). Emily Mortimer's storyline is the most compelling, because she also gives the best performance in the film - and it is a lovely performance. Ezra Miller was also very funny. Everyone else does just fine, not really doing anything original. The movie was entertaining enough for me not to despise it, but it's nothing new or really even successful in the family-dramedy genre and I was really just waiting for it to be over the entire time.


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  1. So I didn't make a mistake removing it from the queue? Hooray!


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