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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Um, okay, so I honestly don't have much to say about this one. Like most movies based on an interesting true story, it makes me really want to find out more about the actual facts. Very Ron Howard, meaning pretty safe and predictable (direction wise). Though he definitely knows how to make tension...tense. The script was very obvious. Everything was just fine. Really, there was nothing wrong with this movie besides that there was nothing really right, either. The score was nice. Jennifer Connelly was...good, if not inconsistent. I give her props for doing so well with that ridiculous histrionic scene that she had. Not a bad movie at all, very interesting, everything was good, okay, whatever.



  1. It's good, and gives us a real picture of the mind within a mind of a paranoid schizo, much like Fight Club. But it didn't deserve that Best Picture in all honesty.

  2. Yea, A Beautiful Mind was merely good to me despite all the acclaims it got. I felt it was a bit too slow and lacked energy. Crowe gives a very good performance and so does Connelly.

  3. You sum it up fairly accurately - there's nothing particularly atrocious about it... but then again, when there a ridiculously good game changers at play in the same year such as Fellowship of the Ring, Moulin Rouge, or Monsters Inc., it truly makes me wonder how it managed to pull off that Best Picture win. Chalk it up to those bizarrely bad Oscar choices of the Aughts, I suppose.

  4. CMrok93: You're right! I found it did a great job of showing us how John's mind works. Very interesting subject.

    Castor: Crowe surprised me (pleasantly), but there were parts of his performance I didn't like. And Connelly does do some great work.

    Luke: So, so true. How it was able to best such unique movies as the ones that came out that year is quite unbelievable. But maybe the Academy was so overwhelmed with all the amazingness they just decided to take the safest choice.


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