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Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Concert" Trailer

I know this is a few days (weeks? I'm so out of the loop) old, but I just saw in case you're as behind as me, here you go!

So this trailer is pretty does everything trailers should NOT! Namely, give away so much plot (I hate that). Plus, it makes the movie look a bit sappy. Which it very well may be. But...

I'm REALLY excited for this movie! It looks cute enough, and I love music-themed movies, which are a bit too rare for my taste. Oh, and MELANIE-I-am-amazing-LAURENT. When I heard she would be playing a violinist in a movie I knew I had to get myself over there immediately. Plus, I hear she's getting a bit of Oscar buzz? Seems like a role they would like.

Sorry, I'm rambling! Please comment below. Are you excited or dreading this little foreign piece?


  1. Off of what I've read, I'm avoiding the trailer, but I'm definitely interested in the movie. This director's previous film, LIVE AND BECOME, was a supremely moving tearjerker that stuck with me months after I saw it, so I have high hopes for this new work of his.

  2. Looks like a decent watch, Melanie Laurent for the win!

  3. Yes, it does appear to have the tendency toward the sap, but gosh - with Laurent on the roster, it has to have a little badassery at play, don't you think?

  4. Marc: Great! I'm glad to know the director's other work is good. I can't wait for this one.

    Castor: I agree, I'm going to try to helm Melanie's Oscar buzz as much as possible. She was robbed for IB!

    Luke: Absolutely. I think even if Melanie played a 60 year old nun who loved puppies and opened an orphanage, the movie would still be badass. :P

  5. Who cares how shitastic the trailer is? Melanie Laurent, good sir!


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