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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last chance to enter the contest!

That's right everyone, it's your last chance to enter the banner contest! As in, the deadline is tomorrow, as in, Wednesday January 19th, so if you don't submit your guesses to my email by midnight tomorrow evening then it cannot be counted.

And if you don't enter, you might not win! And that would be a sad day. Especially if you possibly know some of the answers.

So remember - email me ( the movie and actor that you think appears in the banner above before tomorrow, and you might win a customized song!!! Or a guest post. Whatever floats your boat. :P

So get guessing!

Original details here.


  1. Did you ever get mine? I thought I sent it but email's been stupid lately and wanted to double-check

  2. Oh no! I didn't get yours, which I thought was odd because I remember you saying you were going to enter! Try one more time and then comment here to see if I got it but if not you can like, Facebook message me or something. We'll make it happen. :P

  3. I only know five of them or so.

    Bjork's are the best. We locked eyes in real life once, at a concert. It was the greatest two seconds of my life.


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