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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Animal Kingdom (2010)

Everything you've heard about this film is true. In other words - Jacki Weaver is an absolute force of nature in this Australian family crime drama. Weaver's masterful juxtaposition of her character's corrupt intentions against her seemingly innocent and sweet persona is simply breathtaking to watch, and it's a performance that just keeps reminding you how great it is as the time goes by after you watch it. However, Jacki's brilliance also works against the film, since it seems to lilt a bit whenever she's not on screen. That is not to say, by any means, that the rest of the film is of poor quality - in fact, quite the opposite. It's a fine piece of cinema with a strong screenplay, good acting from the rest of the cast and subtle directorial choices that create masterful pathos. Though it may seem paradoxical, simply put, Jacki is so fantastic, so brilliant and so marvelous that even as good a film as "Animal Kingdom" is, it does not shine quite as brightly next to her.



  1. Glad you liked even if Jacki still isn't my favourite thing about it.

  2. Need to see this. Thanks for further endorsing this.

  3. Andrew: I definitely did like it. Even without Jacki it would have been a fine film though I thought she was brilliant.

    Hal: Definitely watch it! You'll enjoy it.


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