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Monday, January 10, 2011

Super important reminder...

...that the submission deadline for the third Banner Eye-dentification Contest coming up! Due to my own schedule, I've extended the deadline to next Wednesday, January 19th. So submit SOON so you can possibly get a song written for you! That is, considering I get any entries. That's right, nobody has gotten the courage to enter yet. Yeah, I'm looking at you. You know who you are. Why haven't you submitted yours yet? I'm disappointed in you.

I'm not singling anyone out, I just put that there to intimidate all of you. Take note. Hehe! Anyway, good luck everyone, and send in those submissions ASAP!

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  1. wow. i was so embarrassed by how little i knew, but if im the only entrant, im in!
    you'll get my responses in like half an hour. haha


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