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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm too nice.

I was just looking over at my sidebar of movies I've seen this year, and I was kind of (not really) surprised to see that for the most part, I've given pretty high scores. In fact, most are 8 or above, with a lot of sevens, and just a couple lower. Nothing lower than a five.

So that means I've not seen anything particularly stinky this year, but I was thinking - this year hasn't particularly EXCITED me filmwise. I'm surprised such a lukewarm year has merited such high scores from me. Like, even "Scott Pilgrim VS The World" and "Black Swan", a couple of my favorites this year so far, can't match the excitement I had for "Inglourious Basterds" and "500 Days of Summer" last year.

So the point is this. Am I too nice when I rate my movies? I'm thinking I need to revamp my system...or at least develop some criteria. Perhaps I should switch to the ever popular letter grade system?

My question to you fellow bloggers is this - do you use some sort of criteria while rating movies? Do you prefer numbers or letters? Am I overly generous? I just need some advice on this topic from bloggers more experienced than myself so if you would, please respond below! :)


  1. Well...I don't know. I don't rate movies. But if you genuinely enjoyed a movie, then your score is fine.

    Plus, it's probably because you're not making a point of seeing movies you don't want to see for the sake of adding some bad scores.

  2. Ha, I've had a post about this gathering dust for months. Grading is difficult, I know that my grading is often excessively harsh. It helps if you lay out all your potential grades and then lists what film would get an 8/10 for example, and why. But, Simon's points are valid.

  3. Thanks for the advice you two!

    I think, Simon, that you're definitely on to something. I don't often get around to watching movies that I feel I won't like, so it just ends up the way it does. And your reassurance that my scores are valid as long as they represent my enjoyment is very nice. :)

    Andrew, I like that your grading is harsh, because it makes the films you really like stand out! I think I shall make some sort of a list though, and develop some kind of comparison system - I think that would definitely help.

  4. As you probably know, I use the A/B/C/D/F system. Though I haven't failed any movies yet, I came pretty damn close with Somewhere...


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