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Monday, October 18, 2010

A few thoughts on films I haven't yet reviewed

For some reason or another, there are a few movies from the year so far that I haven't quite been able to write a full fledged review about. So, here are just a few ramblings on said films. Enjoy!

Alice in Wonderland

It's soured in my mind since I saw it months ago. It had some interesting visual moments, but the 3D ruined it. Mia Wasikowska was a bit boring, but Helena Bonham-Carter kicks butt and steals the movie! (5/10)


I really like Noah Baumbach. "The Squid and the Whale" is one of my favorite movies (I wonder what that says about me...?). So, needless to say, I very much enjoyed this one. Many people have said that it's trying too hard to be "indie", and at times it definitely comes across that way, but ultimately it's really effective and charming. Greta Gerwig was stellar, Rhys Ifans was very, very good, and Ben Stiller was surprisingly fantastic. Anyway, quite good. (8/10)

The Kids Are All Right

This movie affected me on such an emotional level. It was so wonderfully genuine and though it's a bit quiet throughout, when it's over I realized how deeply I was touched by it. The ending is pitch perfect. Obviously, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening were BRILLIANCE. Just wonderful, and wonderful chemistry. Mark Ruffalo is as good as everybody says. Not exactly perfect, but it's very genuine. And a GREAT soundtrack. (8/10)

The Runaways

Okay, I really liked this one. I'm a big fan of musically-related movies, and I love the music of The Runaways, and the music/music culture aspect was handled perfectly. HOORAY FOR K-STEW! I'm not going to say she was brilliant or anything, but she was really good. And as you guys know, I care about her. Haha! On the other hand, completely convinced. She was a little one note in my opinion. The supporting cast (and I'm not just talking about Michael Shannon, but also the rest of the Runaways) was quite fabulous as well. Stylish and fun, though nothing particularly deep or important. (7/10)

Well there you have it. Have you guys seen these films, and what did you think? As always, comments below! :)


  1. THIEF!

    Greenberg was just so deeply...unpleasant. Everybody was so thoroughly awful, I just...ugh.

    The Runaways was pretty awesome, even if Dakota Fanning was miscast.

  2. Simon I keep unconsciously stealing from you in my posts! I'm so bad! Haha. But take it as a complimentary gesture. ;)

    I'm sorry you didn't like Greenberg though. You're right, all the characters were definitely pretty unlikable.

  3. I need to see Runaways, its on my list. Not hugely interested in Greenberg, but I was so pissed I missed seeing The Kids Are All Right in theaters

  4. Come on, Greenberg's characters were not that awful. It's kind of weird how everyone seems to hate Alice in Wonderland now. Mia Wasikowska was really bland, but I generally liked it. Still have to see The Kids Are All Right which is unfortunate.

  5. I would just say the Greenberg characters were more 'real' and well rounded - it's better than a director or screenwriter judging his or hers 'unlikeable' characters.

  6. I too have a soft spot for The Runaways, even if as a film it is lacking.

  7. Alice in Wonderland is horrible. When Johnny Depp "danced" I was the opposite of happy.


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