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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe?

Hey everyone! You must forgive me for being a bit distant recently - I'm traveling to Atchison, Kansas next week to play a solo piano recital (hence the above song, sung wonderfully by Judy Garland from the movie "The Harvey Girls"), and I also have a music scholarship thing I have to mad practice for, and along with all that and schoolwork, I'm kind of swamped at the moment.

So, please, if I take a long time to post or reply to your comments, or comment on your blogs, believe me, it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm so busy! I promise I read all your comments and that I'll reply as soon as possible. After next week, posting should return to semi-normal...for a while. Teehee!

Incidentally, if I may take this moment to do a bit of shameless self promotion...I'm playing several solo recitals in the coming months so if you're at all interested in classical music or piano or my real-life-persona, you can see my schedule of events at this here link.

OKAY! Complaining and advertising over. Enjoy your day! :) Haha.


  1. Oh, you little piano prodigy, you.

  2. wow... just listened to one of your performances. you play WONDERFULLY.

    best wishes on your recital.

  3. Ah I didn't know you were into piano ;) Best of luck on your recital!

  4. Hey there Robert,

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  5. Oh wow, you're an awesome pianist! Congratulations man, don't worry about not blogging, keep the piano playing up!


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