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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Please excuse me while I go over here and hyperventilate.

OH my gosh everyone. So today the headphone jack on my stupid computer broke for some reason, and now I can't plug in headphones to the computer. And since the majority of my movie watching and music listening is done in the nighttime hours while the other members of my residence are asleep, this incident is obviously a big deal. So, until my computer gets fixed or I figure out some solution to this problem, I may be without movies for a bit. I will try to survive.

If anyone has any advice regarding what I should do in this situation, please let me know. I mean, like, literal, technical advice. If you've ever broken your headphone jack, please give me some tips on how to...remedy the problem.

And I surely sound like a whiny brat but this is quite a sad day for me nonetheless. And sometimes, you just have to go to the internet to vent all your sadness.

So anyway, thanks for listening to me whining. You may now continue with your regularly scheduled activities. ;)


  1. If your computer isn't under warranty any more,
    it will be simpler and less expensive for you to buy an external
    audio interface that connects to the computer via Firewire or USB, and
    simply ignore the internal sound card. The bonus is that you'll
    substantially improve the audio quality of your computer.

  2. Oh, thanks a lot Blake! I was kind of leaning in that direction but I was hesitant. Do you have any particular products that you'd recommend? I was looking around on Amazon but the reviews are so mixed that I'm afraid to buy anything.

  3. I just put my ear really close to the speakers and dig around for the warranty papers.

    But Blake's idea sounds better.

  4. Ha, ha. I'm at work and Jose just made me burst out in laughter. I can empathise, my desktop hasn't had sound for six months. God knows why I've been so remiss about fixing it, at least I have the laptop.

  5. The headphone jack? Which one? The one on your speakers or the ones on sound card? Most computers have multiple headphone jacks.

  6. Haha Jose! That's a good idea. I can catch up on all the silent films I've been avoiding. :P

    I broke the headphone jack on the actual computer, and it's the only one that exists. Haha! I think I'm going to get an external USB sound card thing to plug my headphones into.


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