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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Song of the Day, featuring Carey Mulligan!

Have you guys heard Belle and Sebastian's new album, "Write About Love"? I've been listening to a few tracks from it constantly, and one of them is the uber catchy title song, which actually features the amazing Carey Mulligan...SINGING! Yeah!

So the song is just awesome. Belle and Sebastian are a fantastic band, and I mean, Carey Mulligan. Everybody loves Carey Mulligan. :) And she can sing! Don't you love it when you find out that your favorite actors can sing? She should be in a musical. Yes.

Awwwww! I mean seriously. Who can resist this adorableness!

Here's the song for your listening pleasure...



  1. Well of course she can sing Robert, she's the next Eliza Doolittle in Emma Thompson's MY FAIR LADY. Did you not get that memo.

    Incidentally, as much as I love her (and you know I do) I'd have preferred Keira as Eliza. But what do I care Carey/Keira. It's one of the Bennett sisters, so I won't complain.

  2. OMG...yes. I totally forgot about that. Duh! Okay! But now I'm extra excited because my dream of her being in a musical is coming true! Ahaha.

    Oh you know Keira would have been a great Eliza, but I'm really excited to see Carey do it. I do wonder if Keira can sing?

  3. That's really cool! She is such a talented person.


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