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Sunday, November 14, 2010's my birthday!

Hahahaha! Not to be like, self advertising myself or anything. But, yeah! I'm the big 18 now. Officially an adult. So, yay! I unfortunately don't share a bday with any big movie-related people. Though evidently I do have the same birthday as Claude Monet (one of my favorite artists), Aaron Copland (one of my favorite composers) and...Condoleeza Rice! Very cool stuff. I think I shall celebrate by buying Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on DVD. :P


  1. D'awww, 18, so long ago! (yeah I only just turned 21, so what?) Happy B-day dude!!

  2. Happy birthday. I hope adulthood doesn't eviscerate your general happy-go-lucky nature.

    But yes, Scott Pilgrim is a bitchin' way to celebrate.

  3. I feel ancient.
    Hope you had a fantastic day (send me some cake!)

  4. Jose, my sentiments exactly! :)
    At first glance, I gotta say - I thought that big pic of Scott Pilgrim plastered across your blog accompanying "It's My Birthday" meant you were hoping someone gifted it to you. lol


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