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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wendy and Lucy (2008)

Not much can be said about this film besides the brilliance of Michelle Williams as Wendy. After all, the story is rather limited - in so many words, it's basically Wendy screaming for her dog the entire time - yet, somehow, thanks to Williams and the director, Kelly Reichardt, it works so well. Williams is SO effin' good in this movie! Add her to the growing list of horrible Oscar snubs in 2008, because she gives one of the best performances of that year, if not the entire decade. She inhabits so completely this character - even the way she walks is brilliant. It's really remarkable, how wonderful Williams is. Also, I think something should be said for all the bit-part actors. I feel like in these one-man-show indie films, the supporting players are usually not that good, but in this film, they were all quite impressive! So, despite being somewhat limited, it works so, so well and everything feels so real. What an achievement.



  1. Just watched this. I agree.. Williams is wonderful.

  2. I loved this movie so much, but find I can't bring myself to watch it again because it was so depressing. But still, a really great film. You should check out Reichardt's other films, they're all pretty great.

    Welcome to the LAMB!

  3. Based on the reviews that I've read, there seem to be three types of viewers watching this movie: those who focused on Wendy, those who focused on Lucy, and those who were bored.

    I myself am a cat person, and I focused on Wendy.

  4. I haven't seen her, but I've cerrainly heard great things about here.

  5. Williams was quite wonderful - probably her best performance. Can I just say my favorite supporting player was probably Lucy? Yeah, I mean it. :)


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