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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best Score Ranking: 2000

An interesting year, for sure. Relatively solid. By the way, I try to pick my personal favorite track as the sample for each score, in case you were wondering. Oh, and I did this year by request, so take it as a lesson everyone...if you ask me for a year, I'll probably go and do it! :)

5. Gladiator - Hans Zimmer

I know this is going to be controversial because people love this one, but...this score confused me. There were parts I quite liked, there were parts I quite disliked (they sounded meandering or useless), there were parts that sounded exactly like "Mars" by Gustav Holst, and there were parts that sounded just like "Pirates of the Caribbean". The main theme is great, but it's only really used WELL during the end credits. So, overall, it's a "meh" and a "wha?" from me.

4. The Patriot - John Williams

Well, another score from the John Williams Factory. No, that sounds condescending. It's really great, irresistibly Americana but it's by no means Williams's best work. It's not particularly "memorable" either, but it's still very beautiful. And do I hear some foreshadowing of "Harry Potter" in the flutes? Hm?

3. Malena - Ennio Morricone

Well, obviously, Morricone is a legend and this is a great score. I didn't love the movie, which doesn't help, and there is some weird instrumentation sometimes that I really don't like, but overall it's a great score with a lush theme and some truly gorgeous moments.

2. Chocolat - Rachel Portman

Like most of Rachel Portman's scores, this one is very tasteful and while it doesn't take any huge risks, it is really lovely work. I like how she makes it sound almost like a fantasy movie, which gives the movie a "fantastical" vibe that works greatly. And the spicy track at the top is just irresistible!

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun

One of my favorite scores, for one of my favorite movies. There's SO much good stuff about this score. First of all you have the amazing Yo-Yo Ma cello solos (playing that gorgeous theme). Then you have Tan Dun's brilliant decision to score the battle scenes minimally, only using drum beats to exhilarating effect...mmm. Beautiful, brilliant, and a great winner.

Should Have Been Nominated...

There is one horrendous, huge, horrible ommission here, and that's Bjork's haunting score for Dancer in the Dark. I know that not everyone like's Bjork's music, and maybe there was too much singing or something, but the score for Dancer in the Dark is just...beautiful. Haunting, painful, gorgeous, innovative...GAHHH


So what was your favorite score of 2000? Was Bjork truly snubbed? Do you like Gladiator more than me? Isn't Crouching Tiger awesome? Sound off belowww!

And see the updated ranking heeere


  1. Great year for scores but I think I would go with Chocolat.

  2. Crouching Tiger all the way for this one. Hello - Yo Yo Ma, people! :)

  3. Joe and Luke, glad you agree with Crouching Tiger! It's really wonderful, isn't it? Those cello solos...*swoon*

    and Fritz, good choice! Chocolat is a really lovely score. :)

  4. Bjork was definitely snubbed. Her score was outstanding. And how it integrated the somewhat heavyhanded film into a somewhat lighthearted musical at time was awesome. Best track off the score: New world.


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