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Sunday, February 27, 2011


So everyone my Oscar predictions, and picks. I have to be honest with you all though - I'm a bad movie blogger...I won't be watching the Oscars until tomorrow night because I have a majorly humongous audition in the morning and I can't afford to lose sleep. SO I shall refrain from looking at blogs until tomorrow night. Hehe.

Best Picture
Prediction: The King's Speech
My Pick: The Social Network

Best Director
Prediction: David Fincher
My Pick: David Fincher

Best Actor
Prediction: Colin Firth
My Pick: Jesse Eisenberg

Best Actress
Prediction: Natalie Portman
My Pick: Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor
Prediction: Christian Bale
My Pick: Geoffrey Rush

Best Supporting Actress
Prediction: Helena Bonham Carter (seriously)
My Pick: Jacki Weaver

Best Original Screenplay
Prediction: The King's Speech
My Pick: The King's Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay
Prediction: The Social Network
My Pick: The Social Network

Best Animated Film
Prediction: Toy Story 3
My Pick: How to Train Your Dragon

Best Foreign Film
Prediction: Biutiful
My Pick: Dogtooth

Prediction: True Grit
My Pick: Black Swan

Prediction: The Social Network?
My Pick: The Social Network

Art Direction
Prediction: The King's Speech
My Pick: The King's Speech

Costume Design
Prediction: The King's Speech
My Pick: I Am Love

Prediction: Barney's Version
My Pick: I have seen none of these films so I have no pick.

Original Score
Prediction: The King's Speech (though I feel this could go to any of the nominees, honestly.)
My Pick: The Social Network

Original Song
Prediction: "If I Rise"
My Pick: Ugh. "If I Rise" I suppose. I can't wait to see Florence Welch sing it!

Sound Mixing
Prediction: Inception
My Pick: The Social Network

Sound Editing
Prediction: Inception
My Pick: Inception

Visual Effects
Prediction: Inception
My Pick: Scott Pilgrim Vs the...oh wait. Inception.

Prediction: Exit Through the Gift Shop
My Pick: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Documentary Short
Prediction: Poster Girl

Live Action Short
Prediction: God of Love
My Pick: Wish 143

Animated Short
Prediction: Madagascar, A Journey Diary
My Pick: It'd probably be Madagascar if I'd seen it but I liked Day & Night just fine.


  1. As much as I would kill for Nolan to win for screenplay, the fact remains the Academy has an unreasonable hard on for The King’s Speech so original screenplay will probably go to that movie rather Inception, despite it should win. Check out my list and opinions when you can!

  2. Phew! Glad to see I wasn't the only one who missed out on a bunch of these categories! (No slam intended. lol) I blame Alice in Wonderland. And not just for the faulty predictions - for most bad things that happen. :)


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