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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Golden Cornea Awards 2011: The Costumes

I'm not going to pretend to be a connoisseur of fashion or anything, but I can definitely tell you what I like and dislike and movie costumes, when done well, can be extremely enjoyable eye candy. So, without further ado, 2011 in costumes...

5. Jacqueline West - "The Social Network"

At first it may not seem like much, but this subtlety is its greatest strength. Every character is dressed marvelously and the integration of the costumes with the rest of the narrative is seamless.

4. Laura Jean Shannon - "Scott Pilgrim VS the World"

Every colorful and often over-the-top costume in "Scott Pilgrim" is perfectly suited to the character that wears it. Shannon suits Scott in the perfect band shirts, Knives in the most adorable of Catholic school girl uniforms, and Ramona in perfect hipster chic. Every costume is so much fun to behold!

3. Mary Zophres - "True Grit"

The film doesn't have many costumes, but the ones it does have are simply marvelous. The way that Mattie's clothes are always just a little bit too big and way that LaBeouf's uniform seems to both match and betray his persona are just a couple of Zophres's wonderfully solid achievements.

2. Antonella Cannarozzi - "I Am Love"

The costume design nomination for Cannarozzi at the Oscars was surprising, but totally and utterly deserved. Never before has Tilda Swinton looked so fabulous as in this film, and like "The Social Network" Cannarozzi fits the characters so well, contrasting the stoic suits of the Recchis with the colorful outfits of Emma. Perfection.

1. Carol Beadle - "The Runaways"

This may seem like an off kilter choice for the best costumes of the year, but simply watch the movie and you'll see what an accomplishment they are. Beadle not only captures the era perfectly, but is able to costume the film's characters with a unique voice and vision, too often lost in period recreations. But perhaps best of all is that the costumes, while brilliant, never distract from the movie, and that is the most important accomplishment.

Honorable Mentions: Black Swan's gorgeous and often demented costumes just barely missed this list; I don't think they're very unique but The King's Speech still dresses its characters well; Obviously it's not hard to make Marion Cotillard look stunning, but her black dress in Inception was perfect and the rest of the cast looks really spiffy too.

Surprised by my choices? What were your favorite costumes of the year? Sound off in the comments!


  1. as much as I don't like Alice, the costumes shoulda coulda woulda been here... :)

    I thought The Runaways was a total bore, but the costumes & makeup were cool

  2. Lovely choices!
    The "fuck you flip flops" have got to be the best shoes this year!

  3. Alex: I think I just put everything about Alice out of my mind, including the costumes...haha though they were admittedly quite good.

    Jose: So true!!! What would The Social Network have been without Jesse and his flip flops???

  4. Good catch on the Social Network. So many contemporary films dress their young adults so bizarrely. These looked like real people in real situations.


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