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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hostel (2005)

Um...yeah. So, usually my music festival compadres have better taste but this year everyone was all into "scary movies" so I was forced to watch this pile of garbage. Not only is there zero ounce of compelling plot, but the entire point of the movie is to SHOCK! and SCARE!, and though it's gruesome and bloody and violent and "disturbing", I was not once drawn in to the point where I was affected in any way. In fact, I found the movie more sad than anything. Why do I, or anyone else, want to watch innocent people getting tortured? There's not one single thing about that that's fun in any way. Not even in a group of overzealous music students.

On that note, I will say that I loved the little group of kids that was in the movie. So funny. Also, some of the technical features (art direction, and I liked the muted colors in the camerawork) were quite good, and the score was utilized well. I also sort of liked Jay Hernandez's "performance". But other than that, ugh. A complete waste of time, money and my attention span!

(that's so generous)


  1. This movie was a big stink pile. I'm frankly a little shocked you managed to find 3 points worth of goodness in it!

  2. Oh Luke, I know! Even I myself marvel at my unwarranted generosity sometimes. Hahaha.

  3. Haven't seen this, but an interesting review though!


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