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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eye-Dentification Contest Numero 2!

Hey, hey, hey my wonderful readers! In case you haven't noticed in the past 2 months or so, my banner has changed! And now that I have steady access to a computer and a bit of free time on my hand, it's time guessed it...


(no I don't know who this kid is)

Anyway! Here are the rules.

  1. Look at the banner up at the top of this page...the one that has all those beautiful cinematic eyes.

  2. Try to identify as many of the actors and their respective movies as you can. For animated films, you only need to provide the name of the movie.

  3. Email me your identifications at You get one point for correctly identifying the actor, and one point for correctly identifying the movie. Animated eye squares are only worth one point.

  4. The winner wins a guest post on this blog! Or some other to-be-determined prize of their choosing. Our last winner was the amazing Luke, who got almost all of them right. He hasn't taken advantage of his win yet (wink wink :P)...but since he won last time, he's not allowed to win this time! (You can still send me your guesses if you want, Luke. haha)
Anyway, there you have it! I think it's actually quite a bit easier than last time, so go at it everyone! You have two weeks.!

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