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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Tenants

Vincent is super happy about "The New Tenants" Oscar win!!!

I love short films and I like to keep up with the Oscar Nominees/Winners. This past year's winner, "The New Tenants", was a very interesting and (though I haven't yet seen the other nominees) deserving winner.

The basic idea is that a couple of guys who just moved into their new apartment end up encountering some of the place's stranger residents. And crazy stuff happens.

The writers do a great job working from this "gimmick" of sorts and the script is extremely strong and well written. The movie is also very stylistically well done, and all of the acting is great.

The ending is a bit weird, but it's really...joyous? It's a great ending to this dark, strange, and oddly humorous piece of filmmaking.

I recommend it!

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